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Each edition of SOTW will begin with some stats on sales in the past 28 days to give us all a sense of where the hobby is going.  In the past four weeks, 130 pre-pro glass auctions closed, 13 closed with no bidder, average price of the glasses that sold was $35.41.   Nine glasses sold for >$100, none sold for >$1,000. 

I believe this will go down in pre-pro history as the month that "had it all" - the Poo-Bah could actually have lived up to this page's premise of "Shot of the Week" had time allowed - we've seen glasses listed by bad sellers, crooked sellers,  stupid sellers (I'm now developing a "Stupid Seller Tricks" area as a result), rare glasses, fake glasses and "why would anyone bid on that" glasses, and bidders who have been willing to spend their kid's inheritance on glasses to pad out their display case.  Whew - the Poo-Bah is exhausted by the very idea of trying to document all the excitement!  Much of the juicier intrigue is still in play so I'll have to wait until next time to fill you in on the outcome, but there's still plenty of action to talk about.

First up, here's a story of what is now the world's most ANNOYING pre-pro glass obsession.  It's annoying because the Poo--Bah keeps having to log it into the database with an "unsold/relist" tag on it and -- wouldn't you know -- it involves one of those BEE-zarre little PA towns.  Deppen, please,  explain this navel-gazing to the Poo-Bah.  Even after 12 years in-State, I still don't understand this weirdness.  The glass in question is from Sunbury, PA.  It reads "ASK FOR / YELKRAM WHISKEY / M.H. MARKLEY / SUNBURY PA".  It first shows up in my database in November, 2003, when milehillfarm -- aka nev.bott, buys it for $15.15.

momsmimosa to milehillfarm, 11/3/03, $15.50 nev.bott to anyoneplease!
7+ relists beginning 2/12/04, $49.99

Three months later, nev.bott lists it with a $49.99 opener - not an insignificant amount for a barrel with a faded label in 2010, let alone 2004.  Not surprisingly, it did not sell and then it relisted and relisted and relisted...

The relists could have gone on endlessly, except for the fact that now kdarius/smokinnetdeals add to the drama.  The old-timers will sigh with wistful remembrance of eBay days gone by - kdarius and son-of-kdarius were classic actors on the stage of the eternal glass drama that is pre-pro shot-glass collecting: to kdarius, 2/4/03, $22.75 smokinnnetdeals to
4/25/06, $26.00

Which, of course, sets the scene for the latest series of relists:


milehillfarm to anyoneplease! 1+ relists beginning 5/13/09, $49.99

Please!!! SOMEONE!!! Buy this awful barrel before we/I and all my schizophrenic eBay id's go insane!

Heavy-hitters bluroc and thegenuineflask were picking up glass for trade and/for resale this past couple of weeks.  bluroc found a nice Dr Bouvier's Buchu Gin for $22 and The Genuine knocked off a rare Venice glass for $28.07.
This is the smallest known pre-pro glass - only an inch-and-a-half tall.  At least I assume it's pre-pro - the etching looks period.  The glass reminds me of the single-serving communion wine glasses that have become popular at many churches.  It's a fairly uncommon glass.  I have no idea who Jimmy Beard was - aquabluecreations snatched this example from alexm40 for $28.52.


Here's three record-breakers from the past few weeks.  And hey!  Wouldn't you know it, two are from BEE-zarre little PA towns!!  The red/white-etched McHenry of Benton, PA  above is actually a common glass, but enough people are gah-gah about the distillery that its selling price has been rising steadily for years.  The latest one hit a new record of $152.49 - I doubt that will stand for very long given its history.    And then there's the Pennsylvania Chief - much less common and available in barrel and regular shot format, this one sold for $155.49 -- and finally a crappy, faded owl  from Belleville, IL.  BUT WAIT!  It has the magic word "BAR" on the top line so instead of being maybe a $35 glass, it's actually worth $203.50!!!  Yowza, yowza, pudding and pie.... 

So what about a pick for SOTW?

I make no excuses over this one because it was a shoe-in the day it listed.  Given the fact that it's from Seattle (i.e. left coast) and the design is very attractive, it could reasonable be expected to fetch  $150 plus if even a regular white-frosted etch, but a red one?!  That makes for one hot little glass.  When the hammer finally fell and all the snipes were in, it sold for $381.99.  Good thing bluroc already had one, that's all I can say.... 

Take THAT sammiv!


You are bidding on an old and authentic Pre Prohibition era CROWN DIAMONDS shot glass, from KREIELSHEIMER BROS of SEATTLE, WASH.

This neat scarce glass stands 2 3/16" tall.

CONDITION - This old item is in very good shape, no chips, cracks or dings, clean glass, good lettering.


That's all folks - happy hunting and see y'all on eBay....


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SOTW: Friday March 26, 2010
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