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FINALLY  there was some interesting action on eBay this week.  First, there was a Coblentz & Levy glass  from Portland OR that was  taken by bluroc for $91 after enduring a bludgeoning by junkmoney.  This was the second of these glasses to sell in recent months, both in minty condition.  If someone is making these in their garden shed, they're making a tidy little profit because the first went for around $129.

Second, there was a glass that wasn't nearly so pretty but was definitely more interesting.  The picture online was not the greatest: the rim looked chipped and the label was in ugly black.  It's unlisted.  Now wait a minute - a black label!  Now there's a rare one.  It was from Lynn, Massachusetts, from a wholesaler who also gave us an "Old 443 XXXX Whiskey" glass (OASG, p. 133). 

It was first picked up by 44rock for $5 then nudged along by  mikekyle26@aol.comatakeda then put in a surprise and (for him) a surprisingly low bid, but it was our sniping friends Ed Sipos and Howard Currier who showed the glass' true worth.  Howard counts MA as home territory and doesn't give ground easily when he's interested in a glass. Check out the actual auction to see who took it home for $110.26!  Congratulations to the lucky winner!


The listing read:

Great old advertising shot glass etched "Special Agents For O.F.C./BOURBON and RYE 1892 (date inside a barrel logo)/JAMES H SULLIVAN & CO./LYNN:MASS", measures 2 1/2" high.




This one may be worth watching this week, even if just for entertainment value:

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