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The spotlight last week was on the enameled glasses and this week saw the "fancies" collecting hysteria rise to a new level with 4  auctions of label-under-glass shots.  The Tippecanoe has been on eBay several times in the past year, but I've never seen a Grandpa's Rye  online (and this week we had 3 -- a pair and then a single) while the Famo is unlisted and new to everyone.  Howard Currier tells me it's from Ehrman & Binswanger - St. Joseph, Mo. (reg. 1892).

I really hope we don't see too many more weeks like the last few - I don't know if my heart or pocketbook can stand much more!

Congratulations to all!



$671.01 for a pair of Grandpa's
$450 in a buy-it-now
$569.59 - has to be a record
$305 - peanuts after the Famo!


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