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The traditional eBay Fall Glass-Fest is here with a vengeance - I don't think I recall ever seeing such so much old glass for sale at one time.  With over 120 glasses on the watch list, it's hard to decide what to bid on.  The main story to date has been Colorado seller kmtnhi, but Paul Van Vactor has just added a sizeable cluster of pre-pro's to add to the feeding frenzy.  Among them is another Seminole Club Whiskey - I've only ever seen this glass once previously and that's in 17+ years of collecting.  Now we've seen two pristine examples on eBay within the past couple of weeks!

        Although there's been severable viable SOTW candidates this past week, my pick goes to a Philly glass.  Yes, I know - this is my own back yard so you're thinking that the pick is a clear case of nepotism, but the Philly connection is not why it's featured here.  The glass in question is an unlisted "Millionaires Club Whiskey" from Isaac Mansbach & Co.  The company put out a couple of nice glasses, including another Millionaires Club and a Mansbach's XXXX Very Old Whiskey.  Isaac Mansbach is one of Philly's older liquor dealers, first in partnership with Marks Schwartz and the setting out on his own in 1897.  His premises at 318 Market St is one of the few not to have succumbed to the bulldozer's blade and today it sits proudly among a string of  modern steel and glass monstrosities. 

The latest glass listed at a starting price of $39.95.   I groaned inwardly because even though only a 5-day auction, I knew bluroc would find it soon enough and this was a classic bluroc glass.   I didn't have to wait long! Now I was wondering how much it would take to unseat him -- maybe $90?  If the glass showed up locally, it would have a price tag of around $35 on it, but since I'd never seen it before and since I do collect Philly (thanks Kevin), I was prepared to pay a premium.   Little did I know - bluroc had $195 on it!  Ouch!   But it wasn't enough - junkmoney dropped in after a lengthy hiatus to snatch it away for $197.50.

WHAT the heck were you guys thinking??????!!!  You're both totally nuts!

Congratulations Bill!


This is a shot glass that is etched on the front: MILLIONAIRES CLUB WHISKEY, Isaac Mansbach & Co., Philadelphia. The glass is 2 1/8 in. in height is 2 in. in diameter at the top rim and is 1 in. in diameter at the bottom.




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