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The holiday season is upon us and eBay is slowing to a crawl as both sellers and bidders alike turn off their computers and rush around insanely trying to find a gift for Aunt Maud and trying to remember just who the heck "Jack and Cindy Cooper" are in order to write something meaningful on their Christmas card.   It's becoming difficult to find even a run-of-the-mill Hayner out there.  OK, not that difficult. 

But there was one glass of note - a wonderful red/white-etched Elevation Rye  from Ferdinand Westheimer & Son of St. Joseph Mo.   A little faded in places and desperately in need of a good wash, but definitely a rare and desirable glass.  Brothers Samuel and Ferdinand Westheimer started a wholesale liquor business in 1871 but separated in 1882 and set up independent stores.  Ferd. took on his sons as partners in 1887 and in 1904 Samuel did the same. Both firms operated until Prohibition. Ferdinand's brands included "Red Top Rye", one of the hottest names in the pre-pro collecting field.

This particular glass was jumped on by virago2 soon after it listed but predictably westy12539 stepped in and held solid while being bid up into the three digits by st.joblt.cltr.  I don't recall westy ever being beat out on a Westheimer glass and this auction was no exception - it closed at $187.50 with westy still on top.  Congratulations!!


"Its in Clear glass and just a tad under 2 1/2" tall. In White lettering it says ELEVATION/PURE RYE/FERDINAND WESTHEIMER/& SON/ST.JOSEPH,MO. In a circle with fancy design in Orange colored lettering is ELEVATION/RYE/PRIVATE STOCK all very readable and good shape. No damage at all, only lite haze from finger prints and age, as I didnt attempt to clean it."




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