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Greetings, fellow glass-lusters, Mr Nasty is back. 

But -- since this IS the season of charitable giving, I'll try and keep the "bah humbug" to a minimum and even go so far as to find something nice to say about that assh*le who keeps bidding me up/bidding me out on all the juicy glasses (that would be xxxtruk, just in case you've been living in a log cabin in the woods whittling explosive devices for the past year or so, or your powers of retention approximate that of a semi-cooked lima bean )

I was back home in the UK for a couple of weeks and then on the road house-hunting (pre-pro is relocating to GA: more on that later) and hence I've missed much of the bloody action on eBay.   But I did take note of some nice little baubles falling off the eBay tree upon my return,  so there's more than enough to talk about despite the tailing off of listings for the holiday season.  I guess the rationale for the latter is that sellers assume everyone will be glued to their TV's watching endless re-runs of  The Sound of Music or  It's a Wonderful (gag-me with a spoon) Life

So where do we start? 

How about with glasshopper's seemingly unquenchable need to spend big bucks on the dinged and/or scuffed?  Ooops, no, it's Christmas and I have to be nice .

OK, since the color of the season is red (some would say green, and I'd have trouble arguing with that one), how about the red Uneeda that junkmoney snatched from Arizona Ed for $183?  Ouch.  A year or so ago, he'd get a red-gold Hayner for that one, but times they are a changin'.  *sigh*


Old Gag Dutchins, *Urk*
glasshopper8: $55.00

Male is Your Moog, *Urk*
glasshopper8: $52.00



U Needa this this bad???



Time to sidle up to the mistletoe and give xxxtruk a big wet one --->  *smoooooch*  <--- for the following. 

Two nice glasses.   Two valiant gladiators.  On the left: oldwhiskey.  On the right: xxxtruk.  And the winner is:

For the Morning Glory, nice piccie glass, flared, mint.  xxxtruk -- $76.00 Bugger!
For the Hawks Liquor.

This was a sleeper and didn't look like much of anything in the auction photo, but bluroc has one in his collection and hence this needed a serious, 3-figure snipe. 

xxxtruk -- $124.72.  BUGGER! 




So what about a SOTW?

I hope you'll indulge me on this one, but there really was no other serious contender and it is Christmas after all.  Ironically, this one listed while I was away and I only found it while searching glasshopper's bidding activities (sorry Joe) so that I could keep the auction database up to date.

This auction was still current and when I first pulled up the listing, it didn't look like much of anything because the first photo to load (after a 2 min wait, thanks AOL) was a side view of a faded  etched label that read:

"Compliments of W C Peacock & Co."

If I hadn't been to Reno for the National FOHBC show and hadn't taken photo's of Russ Umbraco's three rare glasses, I might never have given this one a second look, but I now know that Peacock was a Hawaiian dealer.

And I also knew from Russ' glasses that this was a lug.

So let's do the pre-Pro math:

Hawaiian Territory = super rare (three known)

lug = rare rare

oldwhiskey mindless fascination for lug's = $illy money.

super rare x very rare x $illy money = $1,000+


So ultimately this was a no-brainer.  I was lucky to snatch it away from a Hawaii collector for $620.00.


"MINT shotglass from Hawaii etched on glass: "COMPIMENTS OF W.C.PEACOCK & CO."

Applied to bottom outside base is an old decal: "HAWAIIAN COAT OF ARMS."

The rim has a gold ring to top edge; however, with age it is faded somewhat.

Size approx: 2 1/4 inches tall; 1 7/8 inches diameter top rim; and 1 1/2 inches diameter at base. NO CRACKS; REPAIRS, CHIPS, whatever....

There are some cotton ball residue to glass, it is not scratches. I failed to wipe it."


This SOTW rounds out 2006 and, on behalf of pre-Pro-land, I'd like to thank everyone for their support over the past year.  Special mentions go to:

hasterlik for taking on the role as guest-Poobah and for his endlessly insightful Common Stuff articles,
glasshopper for being "Dad"
lakerdude for his insanity and unending commentary, wit, smarts and love of glass,
nuffbarn for his knack for finding the good stuff cheap
the Kid for sticking with us even while spending pennies on jazz rather than glass, and for hounding the faker (can't wait to snipe his sorry as* again)
rye2be for slicing and dicing up a storm on the good stuff
smokin' for f**king amusement value alone
junkmoney for -- well, he knows -- plus, for being a true-life Dad to two young whipper-snappers in need
and to aquablue, deppen76, Az Ed, theGenuine, stilz, bluroc and everyone else that I talk to on a regular basis.

Thanks to you ALL for helping keep this a great place to congregate and chat glass.

Oh, yes, and thanks even to xxxKurt.  I apologize for hurting your feelings on MANY occasions. It was not personal.  I salute your passion for glass; the hobby would be nothing without folks like you.  (*Grrrr grrrr*).

Hopefully Santa will leave big boxes of primo pre-Pro glass under your tree in a couple of days, but if your list didn't make it to the North Pole for some reason or you were particularly BAD this year (that would be YOU Arky Joe), we can rest assured in the fact that 2007 will dump about 2,000 more into eBay.  May the best collectors win!!

Merry Christmas!

(and Kevin, aka roachke, if you're still checking in, we all wish you a safe 2007 and look forward to seeing you back in the sometimes-dysfunctional pre-Pro fold)


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