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Welcome to a new year of SOTW - may 2005 bring us more glass than there's time to write about!

    The abundance of old glass that we saw leading up to Christmas came to an abrupt halt about three weeks ago and even with the holidays come and gone, there's still not much worth bidding on.  There are even fewer bidders, however, so what there is to be had is selling for a song.  If fact, the NICEST glass is to be found right here: a CA collector has decided to shed his holdings and his glasses are been offered in a special sale and auction through    If you haven't checked it out already, CLICK HERE and grab something special before they're all gone.  Many of the glasses would qualify for SOTW if they showed up on eBay and the prices are in line with what we see online.  Where else have you seen an OWP from WA -- and for only $55?

Which raises the question, what does make a SOTW pick?   Dick Bales raised the issue for discussion: check it out and weigh in if you have a mind to.

      There's been a couple of glasses worth noting in passing, including a shiny Badger Club from Milwaukee that Joe Lais snagged for $53.00.  A pretty glass that we've seen only a couple of times in the past few years.  Then there was a "Lititz Springs Straight Rye Whiskey" from John C Horting of Lititz, PA.  There's one in the database if you're reading this from The Archives and can't access the original auction  I was watching this one with interest because it's a plain-Jane text glass but it listed with a starting price of $79.95.  Lititz is a small town to the west of Philly, PA that I zip past when traveling between Reading and Lancaster.  I've never actually taken the Lititz exit from the highway and so far as I know there's nothing there of note, but Lititz shot glasses regularly turn up for sale marked at $100 in local antique stores.  Not that they sell for $100, but that's what they're priced at.  While this glass didn't trigger a bidding war, it did sell for its asking price.   Mental note to self to keep eyes open for one of these at flea markets. 

But in my mind, there has been only one SOTW candidate in the past few weeks and that's the Paul Revere

        Unfortunately the listing picture is not greatest because it's one of THE great picture glasses.  It's listed in HSG; it's from Edwin Crane of Boston, MA.  The glass appears to be pristine and minty-mint and I thought we were looking at a $200+ auction in the making when it first listed.  All the action was in the closing hours, first with dickens5 ponying up a paltry $9.99.  But the snipers had it.   nuffbarn took it to $46 and joelais tried to ride off with it for $77.00 -- but if it's Boston, hecurrier is going to have something to say about it.  It sold for $78.00.   

Congratulations Howard!

Nice vintage whiskey advertizing 4 OZ shot glass. Glass is in perfect condition, Gold band along top rim, thin glass has Logo for PAUL REVERE RIDING TO LEXINGTON ALONG A RAIL FENCE, Trade Mark, writing says "EIGHT YEAR OLD WHISKEY , H. EDWIN CRANE, 769-771 WASHINGTON ST., BOSTON, MASS. 2 5/8 inches tall, 2 inches wide at top.



Note that some previous picks for "Shot of the Week" can be found in The Archives.

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