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Nuffbarn's Shots of the Week Item number: 6238096231
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Welcome to a new year of sniping and dicing! 

Difficult to believe that it's 2006 already but, on the plus side, we're already past Epiphany and the relentless Christmas music has disappeared from the malls and the inane "spend, spend, spend on credit!" ads have disappeared from the TV.   Hopefully there's still one card that's not been maxxed that can be used to pay for the cluster of lugs that's about to show online?! 

OK, so everyone has their little fantasies.  Since Santa didn't come through -- despite frequent pleading notes to the North Pole, it's back to the fray in T' Bay.

The past few weeks saw a fair number of glasses pass under the old bridge.  Most notable were a cluster of enamels.  These continued a glass stream that began with a trickle of "WWW Rye's" (see the last edition of SOTW).  I counted three - an "Old Commissary" felled by steelglass, a "10 Years Old Private Stock" that junkmoney wrestled back to the swamp, and a "Weaver Whiskey" that disappeared in a Buy-it-Now.  Did I miss any??!

Funny how these rare glasses always seem to show in multiples.


After promising to confer a newly-minted Golden Hayner award with each edition of SOTW, I've decided to reserve it for special occasions.  Yes, there were several possible contenders (which reminds me, you should all send xxxtruk a personal note of thanks in appreciation of the fact that he's single-handedly raised the values of all of our collections by around 25%.  At least while he's buying),  but none that really come up to the standard set by baloo8750.  

Note that baloo has largely disappeared from view after spending an inheritance on Hayner memorabilia, while mikem5253, who was the runner-up on the original Golden Hayner, has been booted off eBay for repeated non-payment on winnings. No doubt he'll be back as mikem5254 in a couple of weeks and no-one will be any the wiser. 

In the "huh, what did I miss?" category is this Lead Mine Rye. This is a new one to me and I have no ideas about where it may have originated, but there was something about it that made it worth $29 to 3bainbridgecollectors! Huh???
So did anyone NOT pick up one of these American Navy glasses? It's one of the few known picture glasses from Philly and used to be considered rare until jana86 landed on eBay last month.  Apparently he had six of them originally but after two live auctions and a bevy of back-door deals, they all found good homes.  Nice, nice, nice. 

The semi-caffeinated among you will have noted that we have a temporary new name for SOTW.  While everyone else has been pouring the kid's college funds into high-priced glass, sneaky old nuffbarn has been picking up premium glass for a song.  Actually, for considerably less than a song - more like a few chords!  

I didn't catch either of the two glasses shown below while the auctions were running -- in fact I only found the first of them by checking Brad's bid history.  I was alerted to the second by three separate, green-tinged e-mails from follow travelers on the glass-lust trail (urgh - sorry about the purple prose.  Too much egg-nog). 

The "Top 'O The Mornin' " shown at left is not your traditional  collector's fare,  but it's one I'd dearly love to have added to the oldwhiskey collection -- especially given its heritage.  The Shamrocks and traditional greeting finger it as being Irish, even though it came from Glasgow.  Brad snatched it up for a paltry 3.00 ($5 and change at current exchange rates)

Then there was this "Keep Your Eye on the Moon" that spurred all the e-mails.  It's a fascinating glass - lovely etching but not well executed and has a rather  unbalanced feel to it. 

It looks like a post-Truog glass, maybe even post Repeal, but desirable nonetheless.  I actually have one of these: I obtained it from Barb Edmonson during her final days.  I was wondering if it were one of a kind until Brad snatched it from under everyone's noses for just $4.95.   Ouch.  So how much would YOU have loaded in the sniper had you seen it in time?  $70?  $80?  $100?


Nice going Brad.  You lucky S-O-$#@@*&!!!

So what about a SOTW?

Much as I love the novelty glasses, it really has to go to a branded whiskey. 

The first SOTW of the year is awarded to long-suffering bluroc for the Jas E. Pepper glass below.  Jas Pepper is a pre-pro name that survived Prohibition and hence lost some of it's cach,  plus there is the fact that the only Pepper glasses I've seen up until now have been tedious text-only.  This is the first I've seen with any kind of picture - a bottle of the famous product.  The combination of famous name and rare glass makes this a certain winner.

I picked this one up early and followed it with the intent to bid, but in the humdrum holiday season it's so easy to get distracted and I just plain forgot to set a snipe.  Bluroc walked off with it for $67.66!

Congratulations to the winner!

You are bidding on:    



etched shot glass

"Established 1780"

"Best goods on earth" 

gilded rim

A very nice vintage shot glass for your collection.  Gilding on rim is worn and I can feel one tiny, tiny rim chip, hard to find with the eye.  Glass surface and etching are in excellent shape.  See photos! 


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