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SOTW regulars will have lamented the long dry spell over the holidays.  We looked and we looked, but we failed to find a single glass worthy of note - at least not on eBay.  In fact the dearth of biddable glass has been so dire that some of us have been reduced to buying - gasp - BOTTLES!!  The High Priestess of pre-Pro Shot-Collecting has the option of excommunication for such transgressions, so it's lucky that we finally have several nice SOTW contenders lined up.

        The weight of all the pent-up buying power was evident in the outcome of this week's pick for SOTW.  It's a sweet Father Time Old Elgin Rye Whiskey from Philip Freiler. It's another of those Special (with a cap S) pre-pro glasses whose appeal and rarity make it essentially priceless, so the eventual outcome of the auction was reasonably predictable (I considered putting $300 on it had I been given the chance).  I've only seen this glass once previously - it was in Roger Vaughn's possession.  Roger is part-time resident and native of Elgin and generously donated it to the local museum when he decided to liquidate his collection.  He was kind enough to photograph it for the database before parting with it; Roger's description is taken from glass the listing page:
Listed 1884-1914, first (1884-1887) as Phil. Freiler, redistiller & wholesale wine & liquor mechant and Prop. of Elgin Boss Sample Room. Later Philip Freiler Wholesale.Retail Liquors. Elgin was the home of the world reknown Elgin Nation Watch. Their symbol was Father Time which is where this whiskey's name comes from. Philip Freiler, was a respected, community-minded Elgin businessman despite whiskey being the source of his wealth. Elgin went dry in 1914 & the business was closed. Freiler died in 1916".

    The current glass was quickly picked up by 1sirdudley but she didn't hold it long before bluroc charged in with his usual strength.  rye2be then started chipping away at Kevin's lead but couldn't find his max.  But after a couple of days of looking and lusting and lusting and lusting some more, Clint slammed it with a high-powered bid that not even junkmoney could better in the final moments.  The auction closed at $261.99 and the glass is now headed to MO.

Congratulations Clint !!


"Scarce pre-Prohibition thin walled white-etch labeled shot glass for Father Time Old Elgin Rye Whiskey, Elgin, Ills., Philip Freiler, Proprietor measures 2-5/16"H x 2-1/8" top dia. x 1-9/16" base dia., and has a 1988 Edmonson book value of $30-$40.

This example is in overall excellent chip- and crack-free condition with some wear to the fired on gold rim. The rim surface has no nicks or rough edges, and the glass is crystal clear with no souring. The central design is of a winged figure within a watch gear type part carrying a scythe and a pocket watch inscribed PF. Super Elgin, Illinois distillery collectible, esp. since this brand of Freiler whiskey was never registered."



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