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It's February already and your glassmaster is way behind on highlighting the wheeling and dealing on eBay.  I apologize - it's frustrating how work continues to get in the way of the more important things in life, like shot collecting. 

So here's a compilation of the best of what we've seen in the past few weeks.  Competition for nice glass is still minimal so there's plenty of bargains to be had and I apologize  -- again -- for skipping over some true beauties just because they're relatively common.

So where to begin?  Another onslaught by kmtnhi seems like a good place to start.  This CO dealer is offloading a massive collection (or so it's rumored) so we'd better get used to the periodic deluge.  The more I see, the less enchanted I become, however.  Much of what he has to offer looks like it's been through one wash cycle too many, while the rest is from Rock Island, IL.   Which is great for Rock Island, IL collectors, but what about the rest of us?  

There was a lovely red-etched Uneeda Whiskey from Ferd. Roddewig Sons, Davenport, Iowa.  This is the third glass from this company to be offered by Dick, but the first red one.  bluroc predictably sunk his teeth in early on and then solidified his position in the face of competition.  He hung tough until the end, for a final hammer blow of $152.50.
The most curious offering from this latest batch was a blue-etched Woodland Whiskey from Crigler & Crigler.  The red-etched version is THE most common colored pre-pro glass and can be found on the display shelf of every self-respecting pre-pro collector.  The white-etched version is less common but still shows regularly on our favorite auction site.  But a blue glass??????  That's a new one. 
Word on the street is that kmtnhi has several of these glasses and they're actually washed-out green-etched Woodlands.  But still, blue or green, it's a new one on me.  Newcomer (or more likely oldcomer in drag) shotfaced took it for just short of $80.
Then there was this pair of novelty glasses that yours truly paid way too much for (thanks Chip, you're a pal!) - but then I'm a sucker for novelty glasses.  I have no idea why they were made - they're going to end up on the "Whatsit" page for sure. 

The first features a woman on the phone saying "Yes Hubby I Recognize Your Dear  Voice", while a rabbit with a monkey's tail and a chain sits on a stool close by.  The second features a jackass and an elderly gent on the phone, saying "Gosh! He must be a stranger".  Any ideas???

Then there was this lovely hand-painted orange enamel "Victoria" glass from Friedman-Keiler of Paducah, Kentucky.  Enamels usual bring out all the serious collectors but not this time.  bluroc found it a little late and was hen-pecked up to $179.19 before the close.  Pricey, but how often does this glass show?  Hardly ever, although I did find one myself at a show recently.  Maybe someone's making them in their basement??!
But the congrats for this week/month definitely go to joelais for snatching a rare San Fran glass for a whopping $24.50 in a steal-it-now!  This is a listed Weil Bros glass (see HSG), with a 1992 book value ca. $80. 

Real-world value, probably $150.00  Not a bad investment at $25!!  Nice one Joe!





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