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This week saw the end of a run of gorgeous glasses - and what a way to end it was!

Hand-enameled shots have always been sought-after - part of that rarified group that we consider "fancies".  They have intrinsic appeal but they're relatively uncommon so that alone ensures that they fetch a premium price.  That premium has increased dramatically in the past two years.  Two years ago, when I first came online, enamels were selling for $60-70, not that much more than a nice picture glass.  Within a few months, their selling price had jumped by $100.  About a year go, I ran a SOTW featuring two enamels, each of which fell for around $400.  The winner then as now, was junkmoney.

This week's pick is an E.L. Anderson Distilling Co. glass, hand enameled and embellished with gold.  The only other example of this glass that I know of is in Paul Van Vactor's collection (in the database).  It was picked up early by bluroc and sat at $9.99 for a while, but no-one thought it would stay there for long.  Steelglass took it up to $250, thought about it for a day, and took it to $260.  Newcomer glenn40292 then nudged it up to $295, thought about it for a day and then took it up to $375.  Bluroc held firm.  It was felled by a knock-out blow by junkmoney for a final price of $502.

Congratulations Bill!!

I've said it before, but I'll say it again, "you guys are TOTALLY nuts!" (but show me another one for sale and I may join you in the nuthouse).


This auction is for a super early advertising shot glass with the E. L. ANDERSON, DIST. CO. NEWPORT KY. hand done in enamel. There is also some details done in gold around the lettering. The glass measures 2 1/4" in heigth and is just slightly over 2" in diameter. The condition is great with no cracks, chips, repairs, or wear.



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