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The fakes are back! 

The unscrupulous Indianapolis seller who's been trying to pass off old glasses with newly-applied labels as being genuine pre-pro has just listed what is suggested to advertise "Imperial Whiskey".  The auction (#6167071863) begins at $20, add in shipping and required insurance ($7.25) and you have a $27.25 piece of JUNK.  Buyers beware!

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After all the controversy that the last SOTW generated (see Dick Bales' column and comments in the Discussion Room if you missed it), I hardly dare produce a new one, but SOTW is an essential feature of our little community website and there's much slicing and dicing to talk about.  To those I offended, I apologize, but there's nothing personal in the comments.  If you want to pay $150 for a $10 glass, that's entirely your business and we'll all applaud your largesse and your impressive glass-lust.  Believe me, there's not one of us who's been addicted for any length of time who's not had their own SOTW moment! (er -- some of us have had -- and continue to have -- more than one. Ed)

We're happy to print rebuttals, slander and outright threats - send it in!  (but please keep it G-rated). This is what SOTW is all about!!!  It's a celebration of old glass and the downright idiocy that it sometimes elicits!  BRING -- ON -- THE -- GLASS!

It looks like March Madness is finally over.  The supply of glass has dropped to a gentle stream and the glass budget of many a collector has been broken.  Denver seller kmtnhi has apparently bowed out after dumping a pre/post glass mix into the fray.  Luckily snapsnert is continuing to list a glass a day as he makes his way through several boxes of pre-pro treasures, some of which we'll talk about here. 

But first,  how about the scratched and scuffed and downright ugly Cutter shown at right?  Well, it sold for a whoppingly insane $127.50 with reb 3018 and once-a-pontil-time bludgeoned each other into submission.  Near identical glasses sold within the days for $10.49 and then $5.99!  OUCH!  That has to hurt!
Then we saw a third Kentucky Mastiff out for walkies in eBay.  This was purported to be the last of the litter but the seller of these is as canny as they come so -- maybe, maybe not.  This pooch appeared with a $350 buy-it-now and it disappeared in a couple of days through a back-door deal.  Where did it go?  Only the glassShadow knows! 

I'd love to tell you about this thimble but you all HATE thimbles so I'll pass.  But I saw an outstanding article on them in "Bottles & Extras" of you want to learn more....


Sold to oldadman-drsfor $122.50!

This has to be one of my all-time favorite glasses - a wonderful Black Cat transfer glass from Ullman-Einstein Co., of Cinci, OH.  There's one in the database already but this is only the third time I've seen it. Just look at the smirk on that kitty's face!  This auction launched the first of hundreds of pre-pro glasses that snapsnert is offering and it brought out everyone and their sister.  Ultimately it was a familiar two-way grudge match between junkmoney and bluroc with the bluroc adding to his menagerie for a cool  $251.49.   


So what about the SOTW?   

I was sorely tempted to go with the kitty but it was a pig that ultimately won my heart.  If you've been paying attention, you'll have noticed that one of eBay's IL-based power sellers has been slowly unloading a bushel of minty-mint "Royal Coat of Arms" glasses like the one shown at right.  They're from The Westerholm Co. of Chicago - unknown and unlisted until now.  There's one in the database - or soon will be. 
I figure someone must have located a stash of them in a box somewhere because they're in such pristine condition that they've obviously never been out on display.

By a strange coincidence, a second glass from the company showed up, this time  from a seller located in Vermont.  This looks to be in great condition also - and what a glass!  I'm a sucker for piggies, as you know, and this is a classic!  reb3018 showed up for the auction but bowed out early.  glasshopper8  low-balled it -- too bad Joe.  We even saw old-timer atakeda take a poke, but ultimately it was aquabluecreations who walked home with it for $49.00

Now lets hope there's a stash of these as well.  I'm building a sty already.  Build it and they will come..... oink oink.

Congratulations to the winner!


"Shot Glass - Royal Coat of Arms Old Rye. - Don't Drown The  (Pig). The Westerholm Co. Glass is in excellent condition . Measures  just under 2". (1 7/8" )"



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