eBay Shot of the Week

Item  #3217178824

To (mis)quote our somber-voiced friend Garrison, "well it's been a quiet week in eBayLand".  The river of glass that has satisfyingly swelled our collections over the past few months has slowed to a trickle, while competition for the few nice glasses that have listed has been thin.

Here's a prime example.  How many blue-etched glasses are known?  There's the "Green Mountain" glass, an "Eastern Club" and one or two others. Glasses with colored labels usually sell at a premium, but the "Old Gold" shown below slept under watchful eyes all week and in the end was snatched for a song.

The glass is unlisted but the "Old Gold" brand was registered in 1894 by W.H. Jones of Boston, MA. and Snyder ("Whiskey Brands") also shows use of the name by G & B Gerdes in Cincinnati, OH.

Congratulations Bill!    


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