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Shot of the week breaks two unwritten rules this week "no oldwhiskey wins", "shots only", and "US glasses only".  OK, three rules.  But these two glasses are so nice and such a steal that they have to be worth including here.  They're both label-unders.

The first is a 4" glass that has a label in the bottom that reads "Drink Biscuit Brandy and keep well".  The second is a smaller (3") whisky glass with a label in the bottom that reads "John Brown & Co. Famous Scotch Whiskies, London & Glasgow".  Both glasses are from the UK.  They came online only weeks after I had decided to exclude non-US glasses from my collection (well, one has to draw the line somewhere), but label-unders are so rare and attractive that they were too good to pass on.  And at $21 for the pair, they came at a rare bargain!

Here's an interesting glass to watch for the coming week:




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