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This past month saw the end to the winter selling season on eBay and the supply of glasses has slowed to a trickle.  I have only a handful of glasses on my watch list and competition for the stragglers is minimal.  Spring is here, the dogwoods are blooming, and collectors have turned off their computers and are outside tuning the lawnmower and washing down the patio furniture. 

        There were a couple of spectacular glasses up for grabs this past week.  Pam Hadley surprised us with a rare "Phoenix Bourbon" from Naber et al. of San Francisco.  It came with a hefty reserve fitting of its scarcity and desirability.  The auction attracted many heavy-hitters, including thegenuineone, bluroc, junkmoney and Howard Currier, but ultimately fell to yackiedoodle53 for a penny short of $360.  The listing photo has already been pulled, but you can view three variants of this glass in the database, courtesy of Rich Lucchesi.

This week's pick for SOTW is an equally attractive (at least to my mind) but less high-powered "Silver Rye" from M. H. Chamberlain & Co. of Detroit.  This glass is one of the few that were photographed for inclusion in OASG and you can also find it  in the database.  We don't know a whole lot about Messrs Chamberlain & Co.  They disappear from business directories at the turn of the century, so it's likely that this glass dates to the late 1800s. 

Despite its age and appeal, the glass attracted a number of low-level bids in the low double digits, until it finally got the respect it deserved and was claimed by steelglass.  "mrtiqfreak" tried to snatch it away in the final seconds, but steelglass hung in and stole it for $44.05

Congratulations to the winner!


Silver Rye, Detroit, Michigan, Etched Shot Glass


"Measures 2.5". No cracks or chips. Please see photos for a better description".



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