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There were two nice contenders for Shot of the Week this past week, both with a horsey theme, which is only appropriate given the running yesterday of the KY Derby.  The first was a Jockey Club that sold for a King's ransom, reflecting both its rarity and the fact that it was a San Fran glass.

But the one I liked best was the "Driving Club" shown below.  The listing read "A RARE PRE-PRO ANTIQUE ETCHED SHOT GLASS ADVERTISING DRIVING CLUB PURE RYE WHISKEY PRODUCED BY L. KAHN & CO. CLEVELAND, OHIO USA! This Wonderful Shot Glass With SUPERB GRAHICS Features A Etched Stagecoach Center! It Still Retains its Gold Rim Band with NO CHIPS, CRACKS, and Has NEVER Been Ground! "

This is only the second such glass that I've seen.  The label looks to be a little on the weak side (may be a problem with the photo rather than the glass) but it is a beauty.  A classic pre-pro picture glass!

Clint Baker put up a valiant fight but in the end the glass fell to 2hotjazz for $47.10.  Congratulations too-hot!

Here's a glass to watch for the coming week:
It's a highball, which shot collectors traditionally spurn, but it's both a "Red Top Rye" glass and also has a combo red/white beaded label.  Take a look!



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