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It's still relatively quiet in eBay land - still glasses available but little of quality or interest.  In addition,  the usual suspects are out enjoying the last days of Spring rather than surfing the Bay so there's little nail-biting competition.  This week's Shot of the Week is a painful one because it's a very rare Pittsburgh glass that went for a song.  Someone (who shall remain nameless) had had it firmly locked in the sniper's crosshairs but eBay's tinkering with it's site rendered the sniper useless and it sold for about half of its worth.  I suppose there's several lessons to be learned here, the most useful one being that snipers don't always win!

Edmonson lists one Pollard glass in Old Advertising Spirits Glasses and it's unusual in that its etched entirely in gold.  It's also labeled on both sides of the glass.  This latest offering is labeled on one side only but has gold fill lines running below the rim and around the base - that's a first in my experience and apparently for the seller also.   

The listing read:


"This PURE RYE WHISKEY shot has goldleaf lines on the top rim & bottom...and the logo is in goldleaf and is in GREAT CONDITION. It proved difficult to photograph because of the glare. I'd never seen one in this gold style."


It sold to gold_post for $34.00 - Congratulations!


This week's one to watch is a beautifully etched "Custer's Reserve" from Herrscher - Samuel co. of San Francisco.  Take a look at

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