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It's been an interesting couple of weeks on eBay and there's lots to talk about.  We seem finally to be headed into the summer doldrums and the madness we've seen over the past couple of months is on the wane, with a couple of notable exceptions (that would be YOU Kid!  We'll put it down to all the heavy metals in the Jersey water).

First off we have to take care of some oldwhiskey business.  There was the issue of the Bellwood mini-mug.  Don't know if you caught this auction; it wasn't a glass so maybe not.  Mini-mugs are an interesting collectible in their own right and I didn't fully appreciate their desirability until Ed Sipos showed me some he'd brought with him to the Vegas show.  Ed and Alice have a sizeable collection, some of which were featured in Howard's Random Shots article on azsaloon.

The Bellwood shown above was the first whiskey mug I'd seen for sale so in went the snipe. Unfortunately Dick Bales had the same idea and he got clobbered.  Sorry Dick!  Then there was the Stastny Port glass.  Since this is a Chi-town special, I though I'd be fighting Dick on this one for sure.  It doesn't look much from the photo and most collectors tend to Chi - er - shy away from flared glasses, but if I tell you I spent $72.03 on it, you'll know there's a little more to the story.  NO, it's not an MMTS award glass, --- that comes next.  The only other example of this glass I've seen was in a collection being offered for sale by Paul Van Vactor.  Paul had a $65 tag on it if I recall correctly and I passed on it twice (at shows) because the label was dirty and there was extensive and ugly rim damage.  Ultimately that glass sold on eBay to atakeda for $78.00.  Why the high price?  It's an enamel!  Ed Sipos (azsaloon) knew and he was the one who drove me up to $72.03.  And finally, the Grand Glass Poobah (thanks Kid) hereby confers this week's MMTS award for an outstanding display of  fiscal idiocy to --  drum roll -- "oldwhiskey" on two counts.  First for the COMPLETELY  nutso act of spending $65 on a buy-it-now moose and then spending another $59 on a bottle from the same seller just to fill up space in the box.  Congratulations to the winner!

OK Kid, before you start breathing too  easy, we also have to talk about this one: 

The adult ADD collectors out there may have missed the fact that overlanding found a gross of "Old Dole Spring Rye" glasses and has been popping them out on eBay about once every 3 days or so. I haven't been keeping track, but I would guess we've seen him sell 10 or 12 to date. This used to be a $25 - $30 glass but supply drives price and the value dropped to under $10 by the time he was done.  IF he's done!  The last one to sell went to mocktailmonkey for $7.50.  The chimp house IMMEDIATELY turned it around and relisted it.   There were two serious bidders bearinatf (a new MMTS contender - stay tuned) and -- thekralikkid, who bought it for $28.77.

We're not quite done with The Kid yet.....     :-)

 We've seen two Jack Daniel pre-pro glasses sell this past few days.  The paneled "Old Times" shown at left is the nicer of the known glasses and always commands a lot of attention from the JD collectors.  Slick Willie sancester got his teeth in first, most likely to make a few $$$ on a resale, but dropped out at $125.  Then it was down to -- yes, thekralikkid, who whomped jackdam and took it for $208.50.  Nice going Kid!  I take back everything I sa........never mind.
Meanwhile, the "ring around the rim" glass at right sold for $155.00 just yesterday.  I guess if I were serious JD collector I'd be tempted, but I'd rather put the money down on a case of Mr. Daniel's fine product than this rather mundane little bar glass.   What say you Joe Dude?

OK, enough already, what about the SOTW?

Weeeeeellllll ... I'm not sure there is a good contender for this week.  But the glass I liked best was an "Oriole Monogram", as shown below.

Had it been in mint condition and had it not been snatched in a buy-it-now before we could see any fisticuffs, it would have been an obvious SOTW.  I mean, how often have you seen this glass?   That would be a "never".   Interestingly, OASG has a near identical glass from I. Kind, a NYC company, on p. 145, but the listed example reads "CABINET" instead of "MONOGRAM".  

glasshopper8 grabbed the above glass from stilz while no-one was looking for $49.00.

Congratulations Joe!

Here's a mind-boggler to sign off with.  Junkmoney brought it to my attention: as of writing the auction was still running and the price had risen to $192.50!




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