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We have a small flurry of potential SOTW material in the offing despite the glass-deserts of June so I wanted to sneak this one in under the wire -- mainly because it's yet ANOTHER high-priced, no-winner, whatsgoingonbyheck NC glass (see the last SOTW of you're wondering what I'm rambling on about).

The latest SOTW is an unlisted "Pride of North Carolina Corn Whiskey" from Chas Arey of Salisbury NC.  I know zip about its origins or history, but a chili-pepper-hot "Buy-it-Now" price of $400 was more than enough to get this particular glassluster's attention in a big way.  The seller, "icshore" (isn't that a Protozoan parasite that's the bane of fish-farmers???) offered to sell or trade, a practice that's normally guaranteed to get  sufficiently riled to have a seller thrown off the site with little or no ceremony,  but there were no takers. 

Four serious NC collectors weighed in on this one.  "darksky" ultimately finished in pole position at $167.50 which still wasn't enough to hit the reserve.  A little too steep for my taste fellas - but I'm DEFINITELY going to keep my little beadies open for NC  glass from now on!!



There is no wear,imperfection,or damage to this glass,I would prefer to trade it for a I.C.SHORE,SHORE,NC glass or a YADKIN YALLEY DISTILLING CO,SHORE,NC glass,but if not traded before the auction ends,it will be sold to the higest bidder if the reserve is met.


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