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We're still not officially in the Dog Days of Summer but it certainly does feel like it.  The average daily temps are in the high nineties, the humidity is around 500%, and the pace of life is sllloooooow.  Especially on eBay.  

We have a couple of new regulars (ztrayn and teeooo) keeping the pressure on glass prices high, but not high enough to stop glasshopper8 from sneaking off with a couple of common glasses at super-bargain-basement prices.  Take his $1.99 Sunny Brook, for example - a new record low for this glass.  Did you take the $1.30 insurance option on it Joe?!  

But despite the slow pace of bidding and selling, there have been a few notables to keep life on The Bay interesting.  Here's one  - a souvenir glass from Barney's Market Club in Chicago.  I doubt that it's pre-pro but doesn't the bald guy on the glass seem familiar?  

He should - there's an etched version of this same glass in OASG.  We're going to have to send our Chicago correspondent off to the library to figure out how old this glass might be, but I thought it was worth $9.99 for curiosity value alone.    

Then there were a couple of high-flyers.  The first is a plain ol' text glass with a three-digit provenance.  The glass reads  "The House of Quality..., Promptness....and Full Measure...BRICKMAN & CO., Pensacola, Fla. & Montgomery, Ala."  Fla and Ala on the same glass - doesn't get much better than that.  oldwhiskey was left eating Old Crow on this one, as was old-bama.  skotzy walked off with it for a cool $140.03.  This a FL relative of yours, shotsky?   

      Then there was a pure-bred Jersey with calf in the shape of the Texas heiffer shown below.   This one turned out to be a bargain.  An identical steer fetched $181 eighteen months  ago, but teeooo walked this one home to CT for only $78.09:


Now here's a great glass.  True, the label is thin, but who can't love a glass with the brand name "Seven Bees"!  First time I've seen this particular glass - Vincennes collector vincennes stung oldwhiskey on the nose and then flew off with it for a measly $46.00.



So what about the  SOTW ?

Believe it not, it's going to a) be awarded to our good and delightfully insane collecting colleague lakerdude33 and b) feature a common-as-they-come Kellerstrass.

Say what???

Say yes my friends.  In part to acknowledge the continuing efforts of Dick Bales to make us appreciate "The Common Stuff" in his series of articles on the glasses we are so familiar with they often get overlooked when the snipes get set.  His comments made me pull all my Hayner's, O! So Good's, Security's, Fulton's  and Kellerstrasses out of the closet and assemble them together so that I could compare them side by side.  And guess what I found?  There are some truly RARE  variants out there -- and this week's/month's  SOTW is one of them:

"Rare Kellerstrauss St. Louis Mo Rye Whiskey Glass.

 This item dates to the late 19th century and is a tasting glass from the Kellerstrauss Pure Rye Whiskey Distilling Company in St. Louis Missouri, USA. This measures 2" X 1-7/8" and is in excellent condition. The logo is etched across the front and the gold trim was hand decorated. This blown shot size glass has no chips or cracks, but some wear to the gold."

So what makes it rare?  It's a  St. Louis version of the more common Kansas City glass, but that in itself is not what makes it worth mentioning here.  It's the bottom line - literally - that's interesting and makes it special, because it's the first time I've ever seen one with this style of text - some form of italics. 

 The more common glass comes with simple block lettering - see the glass from the database at left (I really need to upgrade this one!).

I noticed the text variant the day before the auction closed and set a covering snipe, certain in the knowledge that I'd get it for the opening bid of $9.95.  Silly me. 

Arkansas Joe stole it for $18.45.

Congratulations to the winner!

So Dick's right - the Common Stuff is worth keeping an eye on.  And the fact that they're common means that you can pick up a beautifully-detailed picture glass for only $1.99 plus $2.00 shipping (and insurance), as proven by The Scary Guy - er I mean glasshopper8.

Note that you can browse many previous choices for SOTW in the Archives.

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