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The latest SOTW is from Nashville TN.  It's a Greenbrier Tennessee Whiskey glass from Chas. Nelson in Nashville.  The glass is listed on p. 78 of HSG.  TN was one of the states that succumbed to Prohibition early (1910) so glasses from this state are not that common, but the outcome of this auction still left me open-jawed.  Take a look at the glass - it's in so-so condition.  The label is badly faded on the lower portions and when it initially listed I pegged it as being worth somewhere around $15.  Shows you how much I know -  drsowell took at for a $105.00!

Incidentally, the auction included a nice summary of the history of the liquor industry in Tennessee.  It was written by Kay Baker Gaston and lifted verbatim from the Journal of the Kentucky-Tennessee American Studies Association.  It can be found in its original form at:"

"......a Super Turn of the Century Old West Whiskey Shot Glass. This Hand Blown Whiskey Shot Glass is etched with Green Brier Tennessee Whiskey Chars. Nelson Nashville.  This item measures 2 1/4" tall  x 1 7/8" wide at top inches approximately".


A new addition to the fake pre-pro glass line-up appeared yesterday (7/18/2003)  This one appeared under the listing title "Louis Taussig&Co.Vintage Shot Glass& Ashtray."  and is described as follows: "Louis Taussig & Co. Vintage Ashtray Amber Color With letters Etched in center & 2" Whiskey  Shot glass . Very Nice Condition. Very Rare."   Very rare indeed.  As in, "only one and I made it myself this morning."   The auction has an opening bid of $24.95. 

It's a FAKE!!

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