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This is turning out to be a month typified by sudden weather swings from hot and humid to cold and rainy, while eBay swings from no glass to mucho glass.  For the glasslusters, this means that bargains abound and we've seen a number of steals, including junkmoney's rare, old, and probably Truog-designed, Woodford & Pohlman T.A.D. Hand Made Sour Mash Whiskey, a $50 Bob White for only $18 plus change, and a number of other more common glasses selling for well below their usual prices.  And on the other hand, there's been a number of spectacularly high-priced sales on rare glasses.  Notable among these was a collection of fraternal glasses put up for sale by lochlomon.  I know shot-collectors typically don't value these as highly as the whiskies, but the older ones are pretty special.  Take a look at this 1896 shot-with-a-handle, for example, or this red-on-white- highball.  If you want to check out the actual auctions (the photos have already been pulled but the prices will impress you), pull up 17030's winning bids.

But this week's SOTW is a classic whiskey picture glass.  It's a unlisted "Morning Joy Whiskey" from Philip Blum & Co. or Chicago, IL.  Blum is not a high-profile dealer in terms of collectibles and this is the only glass I know of.  Blum & Co. listed from 1898 to 1918, spending most of that time on Halstead St.  The glass features a nattily-dressed woman with a drink in hand: the listing photo doesn't really do justice to her because she's in negative, but if I reverse it for you you'll see:


The auction attracted 12 bids: blueriver93 started the ball rolling but it was soon picked up by Chicago collector Dick Bales who, after some reflection, reinforced his high bid.   jokermom34 and beerhd tried to unseat him, among others, but he held firm until bluroc got into the act with a sledgehammer blow that not even last minute assaults by 1sirdudley could overcome.   It sold for $150.39.  Sheesh!

Congratulations Kevin!!


ESTATE SALE FIND!!! This auction is for a 1900 Etched MORNING JOY Rye Whiskey Shot Glass Chicago. It measures 2-1/4" tall and is exceptional with NO chips or cracks! Great etching of Victorian lady and says "MORNING JOY PURE RYE WHISKEY-BOTTLED BY PHILIP BLUM & CO. CHICAGO".


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