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SOTW has been on vacation in Wales for the past couple of weeks.  If you've never been to Wales -- and most people haven't it seems -- you don't know what you're missing.  The coastline is breathtaking and the beaches unspoiled, and one can ramble for miles across heather headlands with only sheep for company.  Unfortunately I didn't even have access to a phone connection, let alone the internet, so if I missed anything important and fail to mention it here, I apologize in advance.   But this was quite a month for high-flying glasses and there's  much to mull over. 

....But before considering what's sold, I have to mention one to watch.  I seriously considered making it SOTW,  even though the auction is still running - it's that important.  Why?  Because it's from Oklahoma Territory - from the days before Oklahoma became a part of the Union.  That makes it about as rare as they come.  As of writing, the bidding had already reached $150 and I'm sure it has a ways to go yet. 

"Old, thin wall, etched shot glass, 2-1/4" tall. Says on it; D. Wolff & Son's , Planters Club Whiskey, Oklahoma City , O.T. ( I believe the O.T. stands for Oklahoma Territory )."

So what have we seen sell in the past few?  I see that xxxtruk has added another Jungkurth to his collection for $19.99.  

Not a bad price - this used to be a valuable glass but evidently someone turned up a stash of them a couple of years ago and they've since been showing up regularly.
Here's one I thought might fetch more - a Moreville's AAA Whiskey from Louis Taussig of San Fran. CA.  Joe Lais found it early and then was squashed by Bruce Silva of mail-order fame.  Ultimately it went to member61716 for $67.66  after fending off an unsuccessful snipe from xxxtruk.  

Then there was the rare white-etched McHenry distillery glass (Benton, PA).  McHenry's are always reliable sellers and this one was no exception.   

Joe lakerdude33 put in a $150 offer  on it and was taken to his limit by a total of 25 bids!  Talk about getting it by the skin of your teeth - a penny less  and he'd have lost it.  

$150 is not a record for this glass, but close.   

If you'd have done the obligatory  "search by bidder: bluroc" last week to find the glasses worth bidding on, you have turned up this glass from Fred Moog of  Pensacola, FL.   bluroc was sitting on it at $45 but was subseqeuntly knocked off his perch by  member61716.  bluroc responded by coming back with a $100 advance on it, but no matter, if a glass has "Pensacola" etched on it, skotzky's going to take it, as he did this one for $147.50.  

This really hasn't been Kevin's month, poor lad.  

Take a look at this auction, for example: an unlisted "Old Kentucky Club House Whiskey" from John Callahan Co., Boston. 

Lovely glass for sure and, as usual, bluroc jumped on it early.  junkmoney took a stab at unseating him with a $50 bid, but ultimately it was donna8570 who took it after doggedly bidding Kevin all the way up to and over his high bid ($202) and it sold for $204.50!!!  


Now that's what I call an auction, but what makes this a $100 glass, let alone $200?   There's a story here somewhere....

Alright, already, enough frivolity, what about a SOTW??

This one turned out to be a no-brainer, not because of the subject necessarily, but because of the side show.  The auction itself was for a pair of "Buckingham Pure Rye Whiskey" glasses.   The database contains a listing for a similar glass, but closer examination shows  that it comes from Sonn Bros of NY.  The pair featured in SOTW are from Denver, CO, and that's what makes them special.   Very few glasses from CO are known to exist: HSG and OASG list six in all, with maybe as many again unlisted.   They sell for anywhere between $50 and $200 when they appear in open auction.  This particular glass hasn't been seen since 2001 and a good estimate of value would be $150+. 

"This auction is for a pair of very intersting shot glasses. I think these are very old. They are very thin and fine shot glasses. The decoration is great. They are Buckingham Pure Rye Whiskey De Cunto, Barra & Co. Denver Colo. These shot glasses measure just under 2 1/2" tall. They are in great condition but one has a couple of very minor shallow rim chips, the other is perfect. If you have any information on these pieces please let me know."

I saw this pair when they first listed during my post-vacation hunt through the latest offerings.  I figured they were worth putting $150 each on and logged them into the snipers early so that I wouldn't forget to bid later.  But ultimately, $300 plus change wasn't nearly enough, because CO-collector lpbco smacked me on the head and walked off with both for $318.13!  

Ouch - that still smarts, but congrats to the winner!  

But wait - we're not done yet.  A couple of days prior to the auction's end , one of our collecting brethren e-mailed me about the auction and caused me to go back and take a look at the listing.  Nothing out of the ordinary there, but then I scrolled down the page and noticed the the seller had been posting and answering questions from potential bidders.   Take a look to see who got caught with their pants down....!

Note that you can browse many previous choices for SOTW in the Archives.

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