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Your glassmaster has been on vacation this past couple of weeks, leaving the sniper's rifle back home in the armory.  Apparently I was not the only one trying to escape the dog days of August (not to mention blackouts) because there were glasses to be had and little or no competition. 

This particular "steal" (thanks to Howard Currier for suggesting the category) was a lovely little picture glass from Boston.   The label read "E. P. Clark / Palm Garden / 151 - 153 Causeway St. / 127 Causeway St. / Boston".  It's an unlisted glass, presumably from a saloon or hotel. 

The glass should have fetched a minimum of $40 but, with no-one watching, bluroc made off with it for a measly $10.50.  Recently morphed ikelekt was left standing in the dust.  I could weep....

Congratulations Kevin!  

"Offered for sale, a vintage advertising E.P. Clark shot glass. Measures 2 1/2" in height. The etched shot glass has 2 small chips on the top edge. Otherwise good condition."

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