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It's been a long, hot, and decidedly wet summer.  Shot of the week escaped across the pond for a long, wet, and decidedly cold vacation.  Apparently we didn't miss too much action on eBay, although there were some notable steals.  Now we've been back a while and we're back up to speed, but where-oh-where is a suitable candidate for this week's SOTW??

        Maybe it's the Atlantic & Pacific Co. "typo" glass (see the bottom line in the auction photo) that Roger Roy made off with for $51?  Na, don't think so.   How about the Oak Valley Whiskey that some of us couldn't resist taking a poke at and that sold to bluroc for $66.55?  No, don't think so - special glass but the label looks too faded and thin. I'll be interested to see what that one looks like in person - sometimes scanner images of glasses can be deceptive.  Well then, maybe the Bristol Distributing Co - FINE Whiskies, Wines, Brandies, Bristol, VA glass that the VA collector's went ga-ga over and sold for $71? Nope, definitely not.  Well then it HAS to be the Maple Dew that Clint (or at least his better half) snagged for $104.49. 

Lovely glass, classic fight, stratospheric price?? 

Maybe, maybe,  MAYBE.


        .....and then...  along came a glass that was just so special that it barged in, sat down, and DEMANDED to be SOTW. 

I apologise in advance for breaking all the unwritten SOTW rules and also for gloating shamelessly, but you're going to want to hear about this one.

So I was about to leave work at the end of a very long Thursday and had 10 minutes to kill before catching my train home.  I booted up eBay on my office computer and dropped in on "category: shot glasses" to see if anything interesting had listed during the day.  Three glasses down the page was: 

Vintage 20's 30's Advertising PENNEY BROS Shot Glass NR"

It had only just listed. For some reason I read it as "J C Penney" (it was a very long day!) and decided to take a look at what an older J C Penney shot glass might look like.  Didn't even know that J C Penny produced any shot glasses!  So I clicked and up popped a pre-pro from Portland, OR!  It had a badly beat-up label, but I clicked on over to the database here at pre-pro to see what we had on it.  Yup - there it is listed in HSG, value $30 - $40.  I clicked back to eBay and see that the seller has the bidding starting at $7 but there is a $12 "buy-it-now". Well heck, $12  for a Portland glass,  even if it is beat-up is not too bad -- so why not.  I logged in and bought it.

No.   This glass is not the SOTW.

Now I've learned many things from Howard Currier since I met him online a few years ago, but one of the most useful is the practice of clicking on the "View seller's other items" link on a glass listing page.  The theory is that it might turn up a glass that was accidentally listed under "Children's clothing: shoes" or somewhere equally improbable.  I was now running late for the train so I almost didn't bother (and I usually forget to anyway), but I did and up popped a few more glasses.  There was a sad looking Zimmerman & Co. - they usually don't gets bids at $5 even when mint.  There was a junky post-Repeal pig glass and monstrous glass with firearms on it.  There was a vineyard glass that already had a bidder and had lost its buy-it-now.  But there at the top of the list was:

"Vintage 20's-30's REMINGTON LIQUOR CO. Shot Glass NR!"  

Oh --  my  ---  goodness. 

Don't know if you're familiar with this one but it's another Portland glass that features a wonderfully rendered picture of a lone rider trudging across open landscape with hills in the distance.   It's in the database, from where we learn that the company was established ca. 1908 at 101 Third St. in Portland, with William E Francis as manager and Sam Hicks as secretary. In 1910 it changed its name to the Remington Commercial Company and moved to 425 Washington St, but it folded in 1913.  It's also listed in HSG, where the good Dr. Edmonson puts a 1992 value on it of $100 - $150. 


A fellow collector had one of these glasses on the sales page here at pre-pro back in December 2002 and was asking $300 for it.  It didn't remain on the sales page very long before being snapped up. 

ohmygoodness -- ohmygoodness -- ohmygoodness, I clicked on the link to the listing page and there was the very glass - MINT!  The bidding started  at $12 (if I recall correctly) but it too had a "buy-it-now"! 

I bought it of course.  It hadn't even shown up on the regular listing pages yet and I almost crashed my computer in my hurry to enter a bid.  I did miss my train (not that you care).  So what did I get it for?  Read it and weep my friends, read it and weep....

(click on the pic to take you there)

This Vintage Shot Glass was made in the 1920's-1930's And features A finely illustrated Lone Horseman and REMINGTON LIQUOR CO. PORTLAND OREGON in white.

    This great old Shot Glass is made of a fine thin glass not thick like the new ones now. It measures 2 1/4 inches high and is 2 inches across.

    This Piece was found at an estate sale and was lovingly cared for many,many years.

There are no chips or cracks and all the illustrations are in extremely fine condition for a Shot Glass of this age!


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