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This is turning out to be the strangest summer in recent memory.  While the close approach of the planet Mars might have been predicted to cause bloody battles over run-of-the-mill glasses, the few glasses that are to be had are being picked up at bargain-basement prices with little or no competition. 

The latest steal -- and I mean STEAL -- was a drop-dead brace of glasses from San Francisco, CA.  Both in mint condition and both with wonderfully antiqued gold rims.  The first was a T. M. Ferguson "Original Barrel House" glass, listed on page 66 of HSG.  The second was a "Kentucky Favorite Bourbon" from Spruance, Stanley & Co.  The company disappeared with the 1906 shaker so it's amazing that this glass has survived, especially in this condition.  It's listed on p. 97 of HSG.  They have a combined value of around $150 - $200, perhaps more. 

What did they fetch? 

                                                    .............a measly  $10.50!!!! 

Howard Currier is laughing all the way to the display case on this one. Unbelievable.

 Congratulations Howard!!

"This is a pair of Old Shot Glasses/ Jiggers from San Francisco, California. One says "The Original Barrel House, T.M. Ferguson, 719 Market Str. San Francisco, California". The other says "Kentucky Favorite Old Bourbon Whiskey, Trade Mark, Spruance, Stanley & Co. , San Francisco, California". It has a horseshoe on the front."

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