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This is a most definitely a summer to remember - not so much because of the eBay action, but because the heat and humidity seems un-%$##*@ing-ending.  Uncle, Uncle!  Please, I give up!

But we can take heart in the fact that Labor Day is only a few days away, signaling not only the end of the Summer Sizzle but also the official start of Silly Season on eBay.  If truth be told, I'm not sure that the season ever ended this year, judging by the willingness of collectors to fork over serious cash for mundane glasses (by way of example, take a look at the "Starved Rock" glass below), but there were plenty of bargains to be had during the past few months and we'll talk about a few along the way. 

Can anyone tell me what this auction was about?  A plain text IL glass that commanded $55.50???  Can we say "nu..." ... whoops, sorry, this is supposed to be a kinder, gentler SOTW.  Don't want to offend anyone.  Even if they are nutso.   :)

But before looking at what's new, let's tidy up some unfinished business.  Remember the Oklahoma Territory glass noted in the last SOTW?  I thought it would sell high and High is where it ended up.  It closed with 18 bids and a sale price of $621, with The Genuine Ralph Van B. in pole position.  In case you're wondering, that's an official record for an etched glass.  But then this is one of those glasses that live up to the description of "rare", although we see many that make similar claims on eBay. 

"Old, thin wall, etched shot glass, 2-1/4" tall. Says on it; D. Wolff & Son's , Planters Club Whiskey, Oklahoma City , O.T. ( I believe the O.T. stands for Oklahoma Territory )."

       This week left me wondering if maybe it was time to get a new eyeglass prescription because I was convinced that I was seeing double.  On the left, below, is a McHenry glass that featured in the last SOTW -- Joe lakerdude33 snagged it for $150.  This is one of the less common McHenrys and the price reflects the  devoted following of the PA distillery.    Then the glass on the right showed up. Identical glass.  Identical pic.  Identical seller - link2mary.    But the glass on the right sparked a bidding war between two newbies, ginocchio9993 and whiskeyhillgirl, ultimately selling at a jaw-dropping $255!  That is most definitely a record for this glass - by about $100. 

So what's the story Joe?  Did you send it back?  Get stiffed? Enquiring minds want to know! 

Sold 7/28/05, $150 Sold 8/24/05, $255

How about the bargains? 
For starters, Cumberland glass aficionado Dale Murschell scooped up a Truog glass advertising the James Clarke Distilling Co. for a measly $24.50, about half the usual selling price (see below). 

Then aquabluecreations ran off with a beaded "Lewis 66" from Strauss Pritz & Co. for a pathetic $8 in a buy-it-now.  Not a fancy glass but this is the first and only time I've seen one of these "in vitro". 

And aquablue, we see you now sitting on one to watch.  Rich Lucchesi is offering a Custer's Reserve (below) from Herrscher-Samuel Co. of San Francisco.  As of writing, it still hadn't hit its reserve with bidding holding at  $207.50.   This is the third such glass I've seen - Rich has one in his collection, as does bluroc, who paid $262 plus change for it back in May 2003.  Nice glass.  May have to take a poke at that one....




And here's another one to watch, but for a completely different reason.  It's already attracted one bidder at $9.99 with another week to go, but can anyone figure out what the label says without clicking on the pic to find out?  

Not me.  IS there a label?????!

Here's a triplet of high-flyers to offset the bargains.  First up is a Topper glass, yet another Truog design from New Baltimore, PA.  They typically sell for around $50: this one went to lognut for $109.49! (see pic below) 

Next up is a hotel souvenir  glass from Milford MA.  I figured $60 at most - WRONG - it sold for $128.01!  

Finally, we have a Standish Guard, from John Hagerty & Co., Boston.  Now is this a great glass or is this a GREAT glass?  I swear, if I had to narrow my collecting focus to a single city, it would be Boston!  San Fran is nice, true, but too much competition and for sheer quality of design, Boston wins hands down.  All the usual suspects took a stab at this one, including bluroc, junkmoney, and aquablue, but Clint rye2be Baker walked off with it for a cool $153.65!

not! not! not!

So if this glass doesn't make it as SOTW, what does? 

Well, if you haven't seen this one already, you'll kick yourself, then kick your dog, then kick a chair or the piano.    EVERYONE was caught napping on this one (The Poobah was on the road so has an excuse, herr-humph...). 

The auction in question was for a "set of three glasses" , .... "not sure of the age though".  It included a generic champagne glass, highball sized, and two -- yes two -- of the Yale glasses shown below.

"Set of 3 shot glasses, all in excellent condition with no chips, scratches or cracks.  One is 3-1/4" tall and is etched with "Champagne Extra Dry" the other two are the same.  They measure 2-1/4" tall and are etched with a man in a top hat and a college boy in Yale attire.  Between them is lettered "Here's to Good Old Yale".   Looks to be late 1800's clothing.  Not sure of the age of the glasses though". 

We have one of these glasses in the database; it's a Cinci glass, from the People's Distilling Co., but this is only the second/third time I've seen this glass! 

The auction listed off the beaten path, but not so hidden as to be missed by the more experienced surfers.  Shame on us all!  The pic above is linked to the actual auction, but it's almost too painful to go there.  Bottom line is that nuffbarn walked off with two prized glasses -- plus a bonus -- for a pitifully pathetic (don't look) $7.54.

Brad, I'm humbled.   Congratulations!  You are The Glassmaster!


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