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I forgot to mention this steal of the week that I completely missed while it was running.  I found it by checking xxxtruk/wheelingwhiskey bidding histories:

3 glasses for $12.16 - whoa, what a deal! (I can only think that Kurt misdialed his sniper to let these go so cheap).  gourmetbaskets was the lucky winner and is already trying to flip them with a $44.99 bin on each.

So Clint - want to explain this one????  Two clunkers, $28 a piece?   Hmmmm.  I'll be nice.


It's all about provenance:
Don't know if you followed this glass, but the owner gets full points for smarts and gall.  It first showed up on eBay in June (pic at left below).  It's in great condition and uncommon, although not really rare.  alexm40 latched onto it early and I didn't pay much attention until it fell to the snipers.  nuffbarn got stomped by xxxtruk, who in turn was stomped by jack-n-water.  It closed at $36.66: on the high side of a plain text glass, but not unreasonable given the merits of the design.  But who was this newcomer and what did he/she know about the glass that caused them snatch it from Kurt

The answer came three weeks later when jack-n-water listed and flipped it for a tidy profit (pic at right above: the glass sold for $128.50 in a private auction).

Brown-Forman Co. produced several glasses, including one of my favorites, the Tucker Whiskey featuring a play on Nipper and his famous phonograph.  They're one of the few companies that survive to this day, although I'd never given much thought to their history.  They were established as J. T. S. Brown & Bro. in 1870.  J. T. S. retired in 1873 and left George Garvin Brown to form a series of partnerships that eventually melded as the Brown-Forman Distilling Co.   So why does a Brown -Forman glass command over $128? 

jack-n-water listed under  category:

Collectibles > Advertising > Distillery > Jack Daniels

and his/her auction description says it all:
"WOW what find! This is an OLD Pre Pro acid etched thin shelled shot glass! It's from the parent company of Jack Daniels! This is the first one pre pro glass I ever saw for Brown Forman. No chips or cracks. This is a very OLD nice shot to add to your collection with NO RESERVE!"

Turns out that Brown-Forman Co. bought out the Jack Daniel distillery and the Jack Daniel brands from the Motlows in 1956.  Who knew....

So how about a SOTW?

This one is unconventional, but since we have a Jack theme going already, it fits.  Which one of you low-living, ferret-faced roques made off with a Jack Pot???? 

Come on, tell Uncle Nasty...  it'll stay between you, me, and the rest of the family, promise....

"Pre Pro ENAMELLED Whiskey SHOT GLASS....2 1/2 INCHES TALL, 2 IN accross TOP, 1 7/8  accross  base. Heavy WHITE Enamel paint says.... JACK POT PURE RYE ...No idea where it comes from.....Pre prohibition age but enamelled like the old Back bar bottles...CONDITION is PERFECT !!!!"



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