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I'm expressing my Philadelphia bias in this week's pick, but what an auction this one turned out to be. 

Louis Rosskam, Wm. Rosskam and Isaac Gerstley were wholesalers located at 226 Front Street in Philadelphia - at least in the years leading up to Prohibition.  They operated from at least 1869 (my directories only go back to 1870) and lasted until the US went dry.  They then went into liquidation, with William B Rosskam continuing on as VP for Northern National bank.  

 The "Quaker City Monogram" brand was registered in 1906.  This was one of many brands they produced, including the famous "Saratoga" and "Old Keystone".  For reasons that escape me, Rosskam et al. glasses have always sold at a premium price and I was expecting this one to reach $50 or $60.

It was picked up early by bobgwlnj with a $24.99 opening bid, but then swr1701a swooped in.  I suspect bobgwlnj had just been marking his/her territory and was planning to come back with a snipe to take the glass, but swr1701a was not to messed with.  I should know, because I messed and then gave up after we hit the three digits.   I figured it was a done deal at $100.99 but a high-powered snipe from  jkg789 felled it for a respectable $127.50.   Ouch. 

 Congratulations to the winner!!

Now if I had to put money on this one, I'd say that swr was a Rosskam and jkg was a Gerstley, but what do I know....

"PRE PRO WHISKEY SHOT GLASS QUAKER CITY This thin glass Whiskey Shot Glass may be from before the Prohibition Era in the early 1900s. It is marked on the front QUAKER CITY MONOGRAM ROSSKAM GERSTLEY & CO PHILADELPHIA. It has no chips or cracks."



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