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The fakes are back!  

Another glass, another "private" id!  Check out the latest...

Is it just me or is eBay tee-dee-ous at the moment?  Yes, for sure, it's been veritably raining enamel glasses this past ten days or so (more of that later) and people who should know better have been throwing silly amounts of cash at common glasses, but whatever happened to silly season?  It's almost enough to make me think seriously about turning this into a political blog. 

OK, maybe not.

So what do we talk about??

In the "why would anyone want to pay that amount of hard-earned moola for a glass like that" category, we have serious two contenders.  First up is "California Wine" from Nebraska, a plain-Jane that sold for $48.  Maybe it was airboatn's home town?  But the winner in this category is the glass shown at right below -- a faded Jos Mooney from Kansas City.   It's a relatively common offering and usually has trouble breaking $20, but the auction of this latest glass is still running (just over a day to go) and is already at $82scubadoodoc is in pole position on this one.  Why people, why????


Here's another that raised eye-brows.  Roger Vaughn couldn't give one of these away for $25 just over a year ago and the previous record was $30.  xxxtruk reset the bar for a Kricks this past week: it's now at a hefty $66.09!  If truth be told, reverse-etched glasses tend to be valued higher than the plain-etched variety so they're always worth going out on a limb for, but leaves and acorns were certainly smacking someone in the face on this one.
If you've been paying attention, you'll have noticed that xxxtruk has been unusually active these past few weeks and his sniper barrel must be dangerously hot.  Here's another that he snatched in the final seconds, leaving oldwhiskey spitting mud.  It's a rare glass from Southern Distilling of VA: this is the first example of one of these glasses I've seen.  He did have to pay $66.50 to take it home though - call it "oldwhiskey tax".

So what's the deal Kurt?  Someone leave you some serious glass $$? 

We'd LOVE to help you spread it around a little.....  :-)

Two NICE enamels come under the hammer recently.  junkmoney predictably took the Korbel's off Paul Van Vactor's hands for a modest $150.53, although for sake of accuracy, we have to note that Bill redefined the standard for these glasses (see the SOTW archives), while steelglass walked off with this great WWW Rye from Angelo Myers of Philly for $168.50.

Here's  two current auctions that are worth noting -- mainly for amusement value.  Dick Bales suggested we create a "Dog of the Week" feature  (shot-dogs???!): here's the first edition. 

Pre-Pro Whiskey Shot Glass, Sunny Brook Whiskey

"This is a top of the line shot glass with a great graphic. The glass is in mint condition with strong etching. It'll be a while before another one of this condition comes along."  Offered by rsmisek for only $25.00!

Well it is in great condition - we may have to wait for at least 7 days before getting the chance to bid on another of these!!

Now here's a real dog, although it doesn't appear to have been trained to sit and beg for a biscuit. 

It's another enamel glass which, in mint condition, is worth around $150 (but see the junkmoney caveat).  This one is not mint, and comes with a story attached to it, although not the "one that got away" story you might expect of a fisherman.   The seller apparently bought two of these at an estate sale and tried to pass them off to a local collector for $150 apiece.  But when the glasses turned up at the collector's door, they turned out to have had 1/2-an-inch or so ground off the rim.  The result is a glass that looks like it was deprived of proper nutrition during puppyhood.  Needless to say, the collector sent them back with a "thanks but no thanks" note attached.  The seller insists they were made that way (maybe this is a "one that got away story after all"!), but what do YOU think? 

Can we say "woof"?


I have a pre-pro,clear,thin,clear glass,1/3/4"tall shot glass for OLD FISHERMAN (RYE FREIBERG & KAHN CINCINNATI).This is a new shot on the market place just this month found at an estate sale in Northern Ky.I don't have Barbara Edmonson Historic Shotglasses but am told this is different then that listing.The white enamel turns light blue on the bottom half of FISHERMAN.The only problem is a small inside lip flake at the OL in OLD and some minor roughness around the rim when rubbed with finger.

So how about a SOTW?

This week's winner is a glass I would have given my eye-teeth for it I didn't already have one in the collection.  I stumbled across mine in a local antique co-op.  The booth consisted of two desolate glass cases and a dealer who was huddled on a stool and looking bored to death.  The glass was marked at $75 and without my even even asking, he dropped the price to $50.  When I jumped at the chance to take it home, the guy gave me a look that was a mix of "I can't believe my luck!" and "What a sucker!", but it was mint, I collect Philly, and I've never seen another until now.

It's a "Telegram Rye" from David Netter & Co. of Philadelphia.  BE features it on p. 183 of OASG, where she notes "Beautiful old glass.  If perfect, $50 - 65."

It's actually difficult to tell how good the label is from the auction photo: maybe we can get an update from the winner.  The Bidder History looks like a rogue's gallery of usual suspects, with shotfaced, bluroc, rwbeem, nuffbarn, aquabluecreations and junkmoney all weighing in, but who paid a the cost of postage on this one? 

xxxtruk  for $89.99.  

I'd say that was more than fair market value....... oldwhiskey would have loaded $150.00 on this one.  Congratulations Kurt!  

Nice hard to find advertising item for shot glass or barware collectors. The shot glass illustrates a mailman and the words: "THE TELEGRAM RYE" / "GOLD MEDAL PARIS 1900" in a white ribbon and then "DAVID NETTER & CO. / 5TH. & MARKET STS. / PHILA. PA." It is in excellent condition with no chips or nicks and it wasn't ground to hide anything. It stands about 2 and 1/4 inches tall. This is a very nice item and I'm going to start it low with NO RESERVE! Tuck it away for a nice Christmas gift. High bidder pays for priority postal shipping in the continental USA. Insurance is your option. Thanks!


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