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We had some classic glass and classic action on eBay this past week.  My personal favorite was "Society Pure Rye Whiskey" from York, PA, a town that usually guarantees a three-digit auction.  But leifantiques was the seller to get the saliva flowing with a beautiful "Red Fox Rye" from Max Luria, NY and then this glass.

It's an "Owl Club" glass from the Nelson Distilling Co. of St. Louis, MO.  They operated from 1885 until prohibition and produced a number of well-known brands, but this is their only listed glass.  It's in HSG, p. 145, with a delightful rendition of a somewhat constipated-looking owl. 

I thought whiskeyowl might swoop in and find a perch on this glass, but instead steelglass came and sat and eventually conquered.  Long-time collectors and big spenders atakeda  and bluroc tried to ruffle a feather or two but steel was the name and steel was his stance.  I think I'd better end before the punnery becomes nauseating.  Stealglass - er - sorry steelglass took it for $125.50.   Quite a nice mark up over the $20-35 suggested in HSG!

Congratulations to the winner!!

"This shot glass has nice graphics of an owl sitting on a half moon and reads OWL CLUB NELSON DISTILLING CO ST. LOUIS MO. The etching on the glass is nice and crisp with a great look to it. The glass has a very teeny tiny flea bite on the inside rim that you can barely feel when running your finger around it. It stands 2 1/8" tall."




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