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So is the eBay rollercoaster making you feel nauseated or is it just me? One week we have SO many glasses to set snipes on that we risk breaking the bank in one night alone, then we have three weeks of Detricks and Hayners and chipped and dinged crap.   Then another week of feverish activity, and then another few weeks of tedium.  If the Poobah wasn't already a curmudgeon, this hot and cold cycle would be enough to turn him into one.   Grrrrrrrrrrr.

Ok, enough whining, let's talk glass.

In the "now you see it, now you don't , oh wait......um..."  category, was an interesting "Egyptian Club" from H Albrecht & Co. of St. Louis MO. 

The example shown at left sold on Oct 8 to blobtop89 for $81.09.  Quite an impressive price for a glass with a smutty label,  although it is unlisted and hence a tempting target for a MO collector.  And then on Oct 11, the glass at right listed, same seller, same pic.  Was it the exact same glass?  Guess we'll never know...... but the second auction mentioned a nasty bruise in the rim.  Maybe the bruise was there first time around and enough to convince blobtop that $81 was too much and it became ancient history???   Egyptian... pyramids, mummies, ancient history.. get it??? Dohhhh.......

This time it sold for $49.00,  to mocounty.

Here's one for the books. 

Back home across the pond, I would have asked "When did you ever see such a pretty pussy" without a second thought, but I'm endlessly (some would say that I'm also a juvenile) amused by the fact that such phraseology can make even grown men swoon over here.  Let's just say "cute kitty" and leave it at that. 

I probably would have dialed $444.44 into the snipe-o-matic and still expected to lose this one had I not already had a near-complete litter of kittens, but member61716 adopted the stray for under $215.

So where was everyone????  Arky Joe admits being asleep at the wheel.  xxx????  sh*tfaced???

We have to give mention to the most expensive glass of recent days, the Ramsey Bitters glass won by long-suffering bluroc.

The Poobah has to admit to mixed feelings on this one.  The first time it showed on eBay, he has to confess pulling an "Arizona" on it and working a deal behind the scenes.  My main tactic was to throw large amounts of cash at the seller, and she almost fainted at the thought of anyone being so idiotic as to pay so much for a shot glass.  I was as happy as a kitty on catnip for precisely 12 hours, until I did my homework and understood that this was a foreign glass.  As in West Indies.  As in Trinidad, West Indies.  Dohhhhhh...

See, there is this caché associated with US glass that does not extend beyond the National borders, which, incidentally are becoming much easier to identify as a result of a 739 mile-long, $8 million-a-mile wire fence approved by Congress this week.   Now if I had a glass budget like that.  Ah well, one can dream.......

Even though a lug -- and a lug shot at that -- somehow the usual rules don't apply.  Which is why $449.44 seems like an awful, Golden-Haynerish amount to pay for this glass.  bluroc was boosted to this position by Arky Joe, gregdebbi, atakeda (haven't seen him in a while) and aquablue.  Opinions welcomed in the chat room.

So what about a SOTW?

Some may not agree with my choice on this one (tough), but I think we have to give Ed Sipos the award for binning two primo glasses along with a bunch of none-too-shabby junkers in three separate auctions.  The best of the bunch was this unlisted, unknown, Liberty Bell.  Snyder has the brand assigned to an Omaha, NE dealer, but that's not necessarily where the glass originated.

"Three old shot glasses:

Hof Brau/Special/7 years old/Bottled in Bond

Liberty Bell/Pure Rye/Whiskey w/ picture of the liberty bell

Jefferson Co./Club/A. J. Henseler/Peoria, ILL.

All are very nice!"

This was the most expensive of the three auctions (binned for $19.99), but azsaloon happily clicked "I agree" on a Chicago Two Swallows for a measly $7.00

Congratulations Ed!



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