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Those of you not living in or hailing from the Keystone state must be getting mightily sick of seeing Pennsylvania glasses featured here, but it was hard getting away from them this week.  First off, we had an ultra-rare, ultra desirable label-under glass from Wm Foust's Sons of Glen Rock, PA.   No, this was not the usual black-on-white label that we've seen seen sell (and faked) on eBay for $150 - $200, this was a red-on-white variant.  The closing price didn't quite match that of the record-holder (A FAMO that sold last year for $567) but it came close.

The seller of the Foust glass then put his winnings to good use and picked up a minty "Don't Drown the Pig" glass from Chas. Moul of York PA. It came at a bargain price of $103.50 - less than half that of the last one to show on eBay.

But the one I liked most and came close to shedding tears over a "Wyoming Club Rye Whiskey"  from M Friedlander & Bro. of Hazelton, PA.   This is one of those special glasses that, at least in my mind, epitomize the pre-pro field.  It's one of the few glasses that was photographed for inclusion OASG.  It's a truly classic glass.  Four bidders were chasing it, none of whom we would consider pre-pro regulars and it eventually sold to a PA digger for $123.49. 

What was I thinking on this one???  I have no idea, but there are certain glasses that leave a hot dagger of regret firmly implanted in a pre-pro collector's soul.  I suspect this one is going to be with me for many years to come. 

But, as always, many congratulations to the winner!!


I doubt that many of these have survived.
It's a shot glass advertising


There is an etched scene of the Soldier's Monument on Church St. in Hazleton.

Measuring 3" tall this pilsner style glass is in excellent condition."




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