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After all the rhetorical tears shed over missing a Wyoming Club Rye Whiskey in the last issue of SOTW, here's proof that lightening really can strike twice in the same place.  I've never seen one of these glasses prior to the one that sold for $123 and change a couple of weeks ago, and then another one shows up!  Unbelievable.  This one's headed for a prize position in a PA collection.

Not too much of note in the past couple of weeks, but my attention has been on other work-related matters.  Annoying how a job can get in the way of the more important things in life - like glass-collecting!! But I did see that our good friend Roger Vaughn (naplesshotglass) had let the Florida sun shine on a rather special Yankee Rye glass from O.B. Cook & Co. from Detroit, MI.  The Company was in business from at least 1892 to 1916.   Roger has a another of their glasses on eBay at the moment. 

Yankee Rye glasses don't show up very often - this is only the third time I've seen it in 2+ years of surfing in the e-Bay.  I hear that a frozen hard-drive prevented the glass from being snatched by another FL resident, but it fell to unknown "debtdoctors" after a half-hearted challenge by two-hot for a measly $59.88.

Congratulations to the winner!!


"Acid etched. Reads: "YANKEE Rye Whiskey. O.B.Cook & Co., Detroit, Mich". Listed in Old Advertising Spirits Glasses, page 199, which says "1892 or earlier to 1916". There is a nick in the inside of the rim which can be seen at about 2 o`clock in the supersized picture. This nick does not penetrate the glass wall; it cannot be felt from the outside. Measures 2-1/8" tall w/1-7/8" mouth & 1-15/16" bottom."




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