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by Guest Poobah, Dick Bales
In Robin’s last Shot of the Week column, he commented on (well, since he admitted to being a curmudgeon, "complained of" is probably a better term) the roller coasting, "feast or famine" cycle of shot glasses on eBay.
I think that all of us would agree that we are feasting this Thanksgiving week, and it is not just on turkey and dressing. In the last few days, we have seen a dazzling array of glass. For example, consider the following beauties; all of these were selling on eBay at the same time!

Nuffbarn bought the "Old Kentucky Colonel" at right; the Birchwood Rye Whiskey went to lakerdude33; and yours truly snatched this Old Guardian Rye Whiskey from the outstretched fingers of Old Curmudgeon for $102.50.

Two other shots deserve special mention. Have we ever seen two, count ‘em, two, enameled glasses listed on eBay at the same time? Consider this Old John Tipping shot and this Victoria glass. Bluroc and Junkmoney bought them for $504.99 and $235.83, respectively.
So what about a SOTW? I must confess that probably anybody else would pick the aforementioned Old John Tipping glass. When was the last time we saw a glass sell for more than half a grand? But alas, enamels leave me cold. The seller describes it has having "pearly opalescent" lettering with "gold flourishes." Sounds nice, I suppose, and it no doubt stands out in a display case, but I like glasses with a sense of history, not histrionics. Enamels are too fancy for my tastes; they are like the flashy dude (or even flashier dudette) you meet in a bar on Saturday night. You are eager to take the glass home with you, but will your mom appreciate its significance the next morning when you show it to her on the way to church? Enamels are the bling bling of the shot collecting community, and man, I am here to tell you, there is never going to be a bunch of Mr. T gold chains around the neck of this fifty-five year old!
I was tempted to choose Lakerdude’s Birchwood Rye Whiskey for SOTW. The pre-pro database indicates that this glass comes with a black, green, and blue label. This one appears to be the black label, and it is truly outstanding.
However, I decided to pick the Beechmont Whiskey glass for SOTW.  This is surely a heretofore undiscovered George Truog glass. Although it does not bear the telltale "GT" initials like some of Truog’s glasses, it still has many Truog characteristics.

And what are these features? I mentioned them in the first of my two "Common Stuff" articles on Truog.  For example, compare the leaves on the Beechmont glass to the leaves on the M. Salzman Co. Nightcap glass. They are virtually identical.

Truog also seemed to favor bold, transparent lettering. This lettering was often in banners that ran horizontally across the glass. Look at the Davis & Drake "Every Time We Drink Things Look Different" glass and the John J. Stump & Co. glass and compare them to this Beechmont Whiskey glass. Note that all three have leaves around the bannered transparent lettering.

I was not the only one who liked this glass. The seller noted that several of our collecting brethren wrote him, asking him to cancel the auction and instead sell the glass directly to them. He chose not to do so, but instead, let the auction run its course. Both bluroc and junkmoney slugged it out for this one, with junkmoney taking it for $153.50. I would love to know if any of the collectors who offered to buy this glass from the seller offered him more than the hammer price. Is the seller now wishing he had made the private sale, or is he thumbing his nose at buyers who offered him a pittance? Does anybody want to talk? No?

Well, in any event, congratulations to junkmoney!




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Last updated: Friday December 22, 2006
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