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Louis Abel, 367 W. Madison 24 W. Meyer & Sons
American Distilling Co.       Maryland Marvel Old Rye 116
Ed. Ammon Co.     Wendelin Meyer & Sons  
   Gresson Springs Whiskey 88     Est 1858... 111*
Augauer Bitters Co.       Old Honolulu  
  Augauer Bitters 27     Stone Brook Sour Mash 171*
Barney's Market Club Restaurant     Monheimer & Co.
  Yes Sir, Senators 199     Phoenix Club Whiskey 148*
  (var, black)     National Liquor Store
A. Bauer & Co.       Drink National Guard Whiskey 63
        Drink National Guard (var)  
  Anchor Brand Peppermint Schnapps       Drink National Guard Whiskey  
      National Wine & Liquor  
        Handmesom Bourbon  
  Belle of Kentucky 22*   Northwestern Distilling Co.
  Graham Rye 86 Old Rose Dist. Co.  
  Dan Patch Rye 147*   Old Rose Distilling Co. (10)  
  Sedgwick Rye 166   Old Rose Distilling Co. (12) 140
  Torrance A.A.A. 184*     Old Rose Distilling Co. (13)  
Adolph Beck & Co.       Old Rose (13, dose)  
  Perfection Whiskey       ... [var]  
Benzli & Zahn       Old Rose Whiskey 139*
  Cream of Kentucky     Old Victoria Distillery
  Pure Rye Cream of Penna        
John Bermingham Co.     Old Victoria Whiskey/ Star Lake 144
 Riverdale Whiskey 157* The Owl Drug Co. 180*
Bismarck Garden   Parkwood Liq. Store 147*
  Summer & Winter 173   Perry's Wines & Liquors  
Blue Ribbon Buffet & Fam. Liq. 26*   Chas Pollack & Co.  
Brown & Daniel     Perfection Pure Rye  
  Always Good Dan's Rye 25 Reich & Fischmann  
  . . . Dan's Rye 15*   Old Bard  
  Dan's Rye Best of All 55   Reaper Co., 2351 Prairie 156
Math. Buehrle     P. Reichert Co.
  Two Swallows 187   Imperial Stag . . . 90*
  ... [var]        
Chapin & Gore 42 Rex Bitters Co. Inc.  
Chevalier Bayard Commandery       Drink Rex Bitters  
Chicago Table Supply Co.   E. H. Roche Co.
  Old Settler's Club 140*     Roche's Royal Rye 157*
  Old Settler's Club       W.W. Brownfield Sour Mash  
  Old Settler's Club (enamel)     The Roehling Co. 183
Columbia Distilling Co.     H.Rosenfeld Wines & Liquors 158*, 160
  Norwood     Rosenfield Bros.  
        Gladstone Whiskey 82
  Norwood [var]       Sunny Brook, Kentucky's Best  
   The Celebrated Norwood       Sunny Brook, Inspector  
The Cornhauser Distilling Co.       Sunny Brook, The Only Whiskey
  Melville Pure Rye       .. (panel var) 171*, 173
  Old Cabin Whiskey 130     Sunny Brook, The Pure Food 172*
        World's Fair 1904  
Dallemand & Co. 51*   Ira Rosenzweig & Co. 172*, 174
  ...Cream Rye 52*   Castle Square Pure Rye 160
  Standard Time 170   L Rosenweig 37*
Delaney & Murphy   Old Rose  
  Ben Franklin     Rubel-Lilienfeld Co.  
  Ben Franklin Rye 70*     Randolph Club Whisky  
  .. [var] 78      
Henry Delaney Co.   Sabath & Weisskopf  
  Commercial Club Rye 39*     S & W Special  
E DeLue & Co.     T. S. Salter Co.  
Despres & Co. 54*     Salter's Maryland Pure Rye  
  ... (with dove)        
  Purity White Port 152* Schreiber Bros. Co. Distillers  
  White Port 194     Compliments of... 49
Douglas Wine & Liq. House 193*     Compliments of...  
Drexel Cafe   G. F. Schutz  
  Drexel Rye 60   Gervus Rye  
Max Ehrman   John Schweyer & Co. 162*
  Ehrman's 85 68   The Pure Schweyer Rye 165
D. S. Gates     John C. Schweyer & Co. Distillers
  Monongahela Reserve 80   Old Cabinet Penna. Rye 125*, 130
  ... [var]       Old Cabinet Whiskey  
  ... [var] 120     Rich Valley Whiskey  
  Reliable 96 Rare Old Whiskey      
Goodhart-Hartmann Co. Security Distilling Co. 165
  Belmead Whiskey     Security Distilling Co. (embossed)  
  Clear Brook Whiskey 39*   Compliments of...  
  Herald Pure Rye 93   69 So. Water St. 163*, 166
  Herald Whiskey 85*   37 So. Water St 163*, 166
  Victoria Club Whiskey 189 Louis Sievers Co.
Grommes-Ullrich Co.   Cuben Bitters 15*
  Pullman 153     Cuban Bitters  
      Louis Sommer  
        Jim Dandy...  
  Pullman Club 153 J. Sonnenschein 168*
  World's Fair Pure Rye 197   L. Sonnenschein
P. H. Hamburger Co.   Sunrise Pure Rye  
  Hamburger's Kentucky Smile 89   Sunshine Old Reserve Rye 173*
The Hamburger Co. 74   Sunshine Old Reserve Rye (gold rim) 174
  Highest Award World's Fair 94 Souvenir Englewood 169
  Hoffman House Rye 95 Stanton Co.
  Labor's Choice     Old Clarke Bourbon 126*
  Kentucky Smile   W.Stastny
  Tom Taylor 176   Bowler's Club Rye 29*
  ... (bar glass)        
  Tom Taylor Bourbon 176      
  Tom Taylor Straight...     Bowler's Club Extra Fine  
Hannah & Hogg     Bowler's Club Very Old Whiskey
  Hannah & Hogg Fine Whiskies 81*   White Port  
  Hannah & Hogg Fine Whiskies   Stein Bros.  
  Hannah & Hogg Fine Whiskies (var)     Louis Stern & Co.
Simon Hasterlik       Elesco Baltimore Rye  
  Garfield Club        
Hasterlik Bros.     Elesco Rye 69
  HB 83*   Protection Rye 153
  HB 91     ...[var, in base]  
  HB/THB est. 1864 92, 177 Strauss Bros. Co.
  HB Bourbon 92   Cabinet Rye 166
  ... [colored label]       Cabinet Pure Rye 32*
  Old Reserve     Germania Club Rye 81
W T Heyden Co.     Sycamore Sour Mash  
  Heydon's Baltimore Reserve     Struzynski Bros.  
Hopp & Co.       Lekko Stomach Bitters  
  Mellwood Rye 95   Sunset Distilling Co.  
        Sunset Pure Rye  
Hopp Bros.       Gigh Grade Whiskies 94
  B. A. Foresters Whiskey 76 To-Kalon Vineyard
Italian & Greek Products Co.        
  Two Good Things...        
Hans Jensen     Monastery Whiskey 113*
  Belle of Lakeview 23*   Union Wholesale Liquor Co.  
  Belle of Lakeview [var]        
Hans Jensen & Sons        
  Belle of Lakeview        
Kapuziner Kloster Bitters 102   Ask for Old Harbordale
Kenwood Wine & Liquor     Casting Club Rye 41
  We Deliver... 191     Drink River Ford 64
Kirchhoff & Neubarth Co.     U. S. Wine & Liquor Co. 150
  Netherwood, Olympian Springs,     .. (var, red)  
  & Union Club 124   Victoria Distillery  
K. Korbel & Bros.   Old Victoria / Star Lake Brandy 144
  Korbels 101*, B. Weis & Co.  
  ... [enamel]        
  ... [var] 107     Rooster Bitters  
  ...[cheater]     Weiskopf & Co.
  Grape Brandy        
Wm. B. LaParle     Adam Mickiewicz Rare Old Whiskey  
  Arlington Club     Mountain Rose Whiskey 117*
H Levinkind        
  Old Guardian        
A Levistein       Mountain Rose Whiskey 122
B. Lindqvist & Co.     Mountain Rose Whiskey (var)  
  The Old King Pure Rye   The Westerholm Co.  
        Don't Drown the Hog  
I. H. Lurie   Royal Coat of Arms  
  Old Lancashire Whiskey 137 Western Springs Distilling Co. 193*
F. Madlener Wexler Wine & Liquor Co. 193
  Borderland Whiskey 35   David Wise Co.  
  High Grade Whiskey 114     Golden Age  
        ... [text var]  
Many, Blanc & Co.     Golden Age Whiskey 84
  Blanc's Cognac     Woodford Distilling Co.  
  High Grade Whiskies 94   Woodford Co.  
  Old Ethyl 133   Bell of Lexington  
Maryland Distilling Co.   World's Fair 1893 196, 197
      Chas. A. Zahn Co.  
        ...(metal cap)  
        Cream of Penna Rye. 53
        ... [flute var]  
        Cream of Penna Rye (text var)  
        Cream of Chas Zahn  
      A. Ziegenhagen  
      Old Shepherd Pure Rye 141
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