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Unknown     Gethsemane
Dallam Distributing Co.     Orene Parker Dist. No. 47
Old Dad Hutchins       Old Maid Whiskey 136*, 138
Barton Brands, Ltd.   Greenbrier
  Thos Moore / Old Possum Hollow 121 Greenbrier Distillery, Murphy-Barber Co.
J.B. Beam   Greenbrier Sour Mash 87
  Old Tub 141*   Kentucky Greenbrier 97*, 104
Boone Bros.
  Old Boone 124* Harrodsburg
  Old Boone 129      
  Old Boone (Highball)     John B. Thompson Distillery
  Old Maid 136*, 138   Old Jordan 136
Mattingly & Moore    
  M&M Fireside... Whiskey 115   Henderson
  M&M Nelson County KY,, 107* E. Oberdorfer
Tom Moore Dist.   Fine Whiskies 127
  Old Lee McGee     Peerless Distillery, E. W. Worsham
T. E. O'Keefe & Co. Distillers     Peerless Bourbon 148
  Hazelwood Rye 92   E. W. Winstead Distiller
  Pure Fire Copper Whiskey       'Silk Velvet' Whiskey 195
Thixton-Millett Distillery     E. W. Winstead ... 196*
  Hurdle...Rye 98   The Winstead Distilling Co.
T. W. Samuels 144*     Sebree Spring 163*
  Our Hand Made Sour Mash       Silk Velvet Sour Mash 166*
  Our Hand Made Sour Mash       ... The Finest In the World  
F. G. Walker & Co. Inc.        
  The Famous Old Walker Whiskey Hobbs
      Old Grand Dad Distillery, Inc
Beattyville       Cherry Brook 38*
Drink at Sam's Place        
Bowling Green        
J T Doores        
  Belle of Warren        
Catlettsburg Jack Daniel
The American Pure Food Co. 175*   Old Time... No. 7 143
Rist's 158 United Pure Food Liquor Co.  
Murphy-Barber Distillery Lawrenceburg
  Cane Spring 34* T. B. Ripy Distillery
    Old Ripy Whiskey 139*
W. R. Mock Dist.   Lebanon
  Old Mock Whiskey 138   Mueller-Wathen-Kobert Distillery
    Morning Glory Rye 116*
Coon Hollow       Old Rolling Fork 163
Old Willow Spring Distillers        
  Old Willow Spring     Lexington
      The Gutzeit Co.
Covington  Billy Burke & Zenda 31*
Butler Distillery Hagan
  Butler Old Style Whiskey 31*   Here's to Your Good Health 85*, 93
Owen J. Carpenter Kaufman-Baer & Co.  
  Old Dexter 1888 Bourbon 127*   Rocky Fork  
Covington Liquor Dispensary James E. Pepper Distillery
  Whatever You Drink 193   Old Pepper 137*
Crigler & Crigler Distillers   James E. Pepper 148*
  Buffalo Springs       .... Whisky  
  Buffalo Springs Whiskey       Jas. E. Pepper & Co. 148*, 149
  Buffalo Springs Whiskey (Truog) 38   Jas. E. Pepper Whiskey 149
  Crigler Whiskey 53   Jas. E. Pepper Whiskey (var) 149
  Old Jordan 196 Pepper-Adams Distillery
  Woodland (red) 197*     Seal of Kentucky 163*
  Woodland (white)   A. Schwabacher
Edmund Dexter   Coaching Club Rye 39*
      Stoll & Co.  
        Old Buckhorn  
  Old Dexter 1888 Bourbon 127* Stoll-Vanatta Distillery
Dow Drug. Co.     Elk The Best Whiskey 62*
Alex E. Harris Co. 46 R. S. Strader & Son
The Kentucky Valley Co. 178*     Old Barton Rye 86*
  ... [var]        
Kentucky Protection Co.       Old Barton Rye (var)
Liebel & Co.       Old Barton Rye (var)
  No Name        
Myers & Co. Distillers Loretto
  ... [var]        
  Fulton Brand 117* Geo. R. Burks Distillery
  Fulton Whiskey 123   Happy Hollow Whiskey 17*
  Fulton Whiskey (etched) 123   Burks Spring 31*
  ... [var]        
  Fulton Whiskey 117*    
  Fulton Whiskey      
Old Dexter Distilling Co.      
Orene-Parker Co. Dist. (office)      
  Old Maid Whiskey 136*, 138    
  Old Maid Whiskey (var)    
  Old Maid Whiskey [var]        
  The Old Maid 179*    
Peacock Distillery Co.        
Potts Thompson Co.      
The Red Cross Co.        
The Sheldon Co.        
Wm. Wise Co.        
  Cream of Lincoln Blend        
  Velvet Rose Blend        
Leslie Samuels      
  T. W. Samuels Old Style Sour Mash 163
Early Times    
  Early Times Distillery    
  Early Times Whiskey 59*    
Old 76 Distillers        
  Old 76 Medallion        
John Cochran Co.
  Spring Hill 80*    
  ... [var]        
Cochran-Fulton Co.      
  Franklin Whiskey 78    
  Montgomery Whiskey 121      
John E. Fitzgerald Distillery    
  Old Judge 132*    
The Frankfort Distillery    
  Paul Jones 94*      
  Paul Jones (panel var)        
  Paul Jones (flute var)        
  Paul Jones (var) 94*      
  Paul Jones (Highball)        
  Paul Jones Old Fashion (flared)        
  Paul Jones Old Fashioned (gold) 94*      
  Paul Jones Whiskey 94*    
  Paul Jones Whiskey 101      
W. A. Gaines Distillers    
  Pure Old Crow 153    
Paul Jones Distillery    
  Four Roses 70*    
  Paul Jones 94*    
Old Judge Distillery    
  Old Judge 132*    
The Geo. T. Stagg Co. 182*    
  Carlisle Pure Rye 35*    
  Carlisle Rye      
  Carlisle Whiskey 35*      
  Carlisle Whiskey (lions) 35*      
  Carlisle Whiskey (lions) 40    
  Drink... O.F.C. 64    
  O.F.C. 128    
  O.F.C. (var)        
  ... [var]        
W. B. Saffell        
J. J. M. Saffell        
  Cedar Run        
E. H. Taylor Jr. & Sons
  Carlisle Pure Rye 35*
  O.F.C. 122*, 128
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