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Ludlow Paducah
James Hancock Distiller Lou. Allenberg & Co.  
  ... Old Hancock Rye 24   Kentucky Rockfield  
  ... Old Hancock Rye 15*   I. W. Bernheim Bro.
  ... Old Hancock Rye       Old Harper 130*
  ... Old Hancock Rye       Old Harper Whiskey 130*
  ... Old Hancock Whiskey.       Old I. W. Harper 131*
    Biederman Distilling Co.
Madison County   White Fawn 194*
E. S. Adams Distillery Dreyfus-Weil Co.
  Adams 14*   Peter Cooper Rye 52
        Eclipse [red] 67
Maysville   High Grade Whiskies 61
Boyd Bros.   ..Incorp., High grade Whiskies  
  Louisville Old Time 105*     Old Cold Spring 193*
H. E. Pogue 105*     Old Cold Spring (var)  
J. H. Rogers & Co.     Old Pete Cooper Rye 126*
  Limestone Whiskey 121*     S. H. Rollins 159
M. C. Russell Co.     Early Times Distillery Co., Inc.  
        Early Times [embossed]  
  The House of Quality 180     Early Times Hand Made.. 59*
        ... Early Times Distillery  
        ... Early Times Distillery Incorp. 67
Middlesboro     Friedman-Keiler & Co.  
R. H. Cate & Co.       Brook Hill Is Drink Insurance  
        ... flute var.  
        Brook Hill None Superior 37
Midway     Brook Hill Whiskey 37
Belle of Jefferson Dist.     Crescent Club 1879 Whiskey 53
  Jersey Cream 1873 93*     King Leo 105
Rugby Distillery     Newport EOS  
  Belle of Jefferson 22*     J. W. Palmer Nelson Co.  
Woodford Distillery     J. W. Palmer Whiskey 146
  Bell of Lexington 23*     J. W. Palmer (Highball)  
  Woodford Whiskey 197*     Victoria 189
        ... (var)  
Nelson County   Geo. H. Goodman Co.  
Old Dad Hutchins (swastika)     M. Kahn & Co. Distillers  
J. B. Beam     White Ribbon  
  Jack Beam Sour Mash (pic) 20*   Loeb Bloom & Co.
  Jack Beam Sour Mash       Caney Fork 25*
Coon Hollow Distillery     Gilt Edge 73*
  Coon Hollow Whiskey 47*     Inkenois  
Early Times Distillery 59*     Jack Tar 92*
Live Oak Dist.       Red Snapper  
  Zebra Whiskey       Westmoreland 192
Nelson Dist. Co.   A. G. Nall  
  Belle of Nelson 30   Old Terrell Dist. Co.  
        Old Terrell Still House Whiskey  
New Hope   Thompson-Wilson & Co.  
E. L. Miles Co     Old Confidence  
  Milestone 112*   Rehkopf Dist. Co. 157
New Hope Dist. Co., E. L. Miles Co.   Weil & Son Distillers
  DC New Hope Sour Mash 52*     Burlington Pure Rye 38
        Pearl Valley  
Newport   Paris
E. L. Anderson Dist. Co.     Julius Kessler&Co.
The Anderson Distilling Co. 177   Kessler's White Rye 99*
J. W. Cheesman Distilling Co.      
  Inverness Club Whiskey 99   Prestonville  
  Inverness Club Whiskey     Elias Block & Sons  
  Just a thimble full...       Carroll County Whiskey  
The Birchwood Dist. Co.      
  Birchwood Whiskey 25*   Silver Creek
  ... (black)   Warwick Distillery
  ... (blue)     Warwick 191*
  ... (green)  
G. B. Gerdes Co   Stamping Grounds
  Old Lexington Club 136*   Buffalo Springs Distillery
Lewis Marks     Buffalo Springs Whiskey 30*
  Lone Creek 112   E. J. Curley Distillery
  Blue Grass Whiskey 33
C. M. Dedman Distillery   Uniontown  
  Old Kentucky Owl 134*   J. M. Lancaster Distillery
        Log Cabin Bourbon 105*, 112
Belle of Kentucky Distillery   Woodford Co.  
  Belle of Kentucky 23*   Glenarme Distillery  
  Belle of Kentucky [var]        
Continental Liquor Co.       Old Style Hand Made.. 142
Daviess Co. Dist.   Laabrot & Graham  
  Kentucky Club       Old Oscar Pepper Distillery 139
  ... [var]        
  Kentucky Club Whiskey 104      
J. M. Field     Yelvington  
  Hand Made ... Champion Whiskey     C. L. Applegate Co.  
Glenmore Distilleries Inc.     Beechwood 30
  Glenmore 83     Rosebud Whiskey  
  It's Straight Kentucky Tavern 92*      
  Old Thompson 141*, 143      
The Glenmore Distilling Co.      
  Tom Hardy 81*      
  It's Straight ..Kentucky Tavern 99      
  Kentucky Club 97*, 179*      
  Old Thompson 183*, 143    
Green River Distillery    
  J. M. McCulloch Sour Mash 109*    
  Green River 195*    
P. R. Lancaster & Co.      
  ..House of Quality 102*      
  Old Quality Whiskey        
  Pure Kentucky Liquors...        
  P. R. Lancaster & Co. (embossed)        
M P Mattingly        
  Old W S Stone        
M. V. Monarch Distillery No. 17    
  Daylight Special 56    
  Jockey Club Bourbon 93*    
  Kentucky Standard Select 98*    
Richard Monarch    
  Kentucky Club Whiskey 104    
Owensboro Dist. Co.        
  Old 4 Father Rye        
P. E. Payne Distiller    
  Davy Crockett Bourbon 48*    
Perkins & Manning Dist. Co.        
  Old Joe Perkins        
Queen Distillers        
  Queen Rye        
Rock Spring Distilling Co    
  Courtland Sour Mash        
  Old Kaintuckee Kernel 144    
  RSDCo. Hill and Hill 87*    
  RSDCo. Hill and Hill 87*      
  RSDCo. Hill and Hill Whiskey 87*      
  ... (highball)        
  ,,, (highball, panel var)        
  RSDCo. Hill and Hill Whiskey Rock..        
  Old Kentucky Colonel 133*    
  ... (var)        
  ... (highball)        
  J.T.Welch Whiskey 192*    
Thixton-Millitt Co.    
  Owensboro Club 145*    
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