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American Supply Co. 15*   S. J. Lang & Son
  444 Bottled in Bond       Auld Lang Syne Rye  
  Athletic Club Whiskey       Kentucky Prince 98*
John Bardenheier   Wm. H. Lee & Co. 108
  Woodford       ...  [flute var]  
Chas. W. Bauer       .. [monogram]  
  King Bee Whiskey 99*, 105   The Lynch Co. Distillers
Harry F. Block     Lynch Standard Bourbon 106*
  . . . High Life Cream. . 185*     Lynch Standard 113
  Estab. 1897. . .Extra Fine. . 64*     Old Lynch Rye, 51 Years 113
  Moss Rose Bourbon 116*     Old Lynch Rye, 53 Years  
  Moss Rose Whiskey 116*   Maycliffe Dist. Co
Bourbon Merchantile Co.       Maycliffe Guaranteed Whiskey 108*
  Pennsylvania Copper Distilled /       ... [var]  
  Houten's Club 149      
Geo. Buente Shipping Co.        
Con Bundschuh        
  Old Governor        
The Bush Wine & Liquor Co       Mellow Springs...  
  Grand Marshal       ...var  
Cane Ridge Dist. Co.     McCaskill Importing Co.  
  Old Dexter Whiskey 132   Chas. McKeown  
S. P. Cerf's, 35 North Sixth... 71     Diamond Club 125
S. P. Cerf's Bar, W. 115 North... 64*   Mette & Kanne Dist'g. Co.  
C Conrad & Co.       Carmen Kentucky Bourbon  
  Governor's Choice       Crown Jewels  
  Moss Rose        
  .... [label-under-glass]        
Consumer's Dist. Co.     Missouri Wine & Liquor Co.  
  Old Camp Spring Whiskey 130     Art Hill Whiskey  
Esselbruegge Mercantile Co.   Mountain Grove Dist. Co.
  Daily True Regulator...     Mountain Grove Dist. Co. 117*
Fern Glen Distilling Co.       Mountain Grove Distg. Co 122
  Fern Glen Rye     Nelson Distilling Co.
Gemp & Dinch       Owl Club 145*
  McDonald Special 117   James O'Donnell Co.
Gilt Edge Shipping Co.       O. K. Bourbon 123*
J. & S. Goodman     Parker Distilling Co.  
  Great Divide 87     Parkers Pure Old Rye  
  Hillside 94   Pure Food Distilling Co. 153
A. Graf Distilling Co.     ... (rim) 151*
  Glen Forest 83   ... (var)  
  ... Hand Made 83      
  Glen Forest Special     Charles Rebstock & Co.
  Old Capitol       Old Stonewall Whiskey 142
  Old Capitol Pure Rye     J Reis Wine Garden  
  Old Capitol Pure Rye     G. Riesmeyer Dist. Co. 158
  Old Capitol Pure Rye        
  Old Capitol Rye 125*     ...Highball
  Old Capitol Rye 130     Old Maryland Pure Rye 138
  Old Governor     J H Rottmann Dist Co  
  ... [var]        
  Old Governor  Bourbon 134     Aechter Steinhagen  
  Old Governor Whiskey 129*   L. & A. Scharff Distillers
  Old Governor Highball 129*     Delmonico Rye 57
H. L. Greisdieck Dist. Co.     Maple Hollow Distillery 116
  Old Scenter Rye 139*     Maple Hollow O.F.C
  Old Scenter Rye (red) 141      
  Old Scenter Rye (red, var)     Old Pretoria Rye 138*
  Old Scenter Rye (var)       Spring Hill 171
J. Grossman & Sons     Spring Hill Perfection
        Spring Hill Sour Mash  
  Grossman's Bottled in Bond 79*   Ed. Schiele & Co.
Dr. Harter's Medicine Co.     Fine Whiskies 164
Hellman Distilling Co.       Autocrat Whiskey  
  Arlington Club Highball 26     Five Feathers  
  Hellman Distilling Co. 84*     Old Autocrat 123*
A. M. Hellman & Co.       Old Autocrat 129
        Old Nelson Creek  
  Arlington Club 26     Schiele Old 91 Whiskey 162*, 164
  ... (panels)     ... [var]
         ... [panels]  
  Gold Seal Rye       ... Highball  
  Silver Springs Whiskey 168   John H. Schroeder
The Hewitt Co.     St. Louis Derby 161*
  Hewitt Whiskey     Self & Binswanger (see St. Joseph)
  ... highball        
Geo. L. Hirt 94     Clover Lawn Whiskey 43
      Shaughnessy's Club House  
  Compliments of...     St. Louis Wine & Liquor Co.  
Hirt Whitener Merchantile Co.   Stein-Brook Importing Co
Hoeller's Family Liquor       Stein-Brook
        Stein Brooks  
  Old Governor       Happy Billy 81*
Kamp Distilling Co. 95*   Stolz Bros.
  Kamp's Rye   The Pike Whiskey  
        Valley Park Whiskey  
  Merchantile Maryland Rye     Sylvester Importing Co.  
Kellerstrass Dist. Co.     ... [var]  
  Kellerstrass Pure Rye 96* Syria Temple, 1901
      E J Weiss & Co.  
  Kellerstrass Pure Rye (rim) 96*      
  .. (type var)     Chas. H. Wittenberg
  .. (5 -line var)       Blue Wing Rye 26*
  The Kellerstrass 181     Blue Wing Rye Whiskey 26*
  Old Oscar Cook 200     Blue Wing Whiskey
Kissner Andreas Merchantile Co.      
  K-A Hand Made Cabinet Bourbon      
  ... (var)        

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