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East Hampton   New Bedford
Thos. F. Lyn / T.S.P. Lynn Co.     Souvenier  
  T.S.P. Lynn 106*   Roger T. Fay Co.  
  Thos. F. Lynn       Blue Ribbon Whiskey  
  Lynn's Special 114   P. Fontaine
        Compliments of. . 41*
Fall River   Souza's Cafe  
Frank A. Flynn Co.   Sullivan's Cafe  
  ... [var]        
  Bristol Rye 37      
  Samoset Club   Newburyport
Geo. D. Flynn Co.   D. A. Goodwin Jr.
  Massoit Whiskey 117   Taylor Brook Rye Whiskey 176
        ... Seven Years in Wood  
Jackson Bros.        
  Drink Jackson Bros. Special 62   North Adams  
      Corsiglia & Pelizzari  
Fitchburg Hotel        
  Tell it to Sweeney        
Gardner     Garibaldi Whiskey/Springfield Beer 45
Robichaud & Gauthier. . . 143*     .... var  
      Frank J. McHale
Greenfield     Amsdell Club. . 16*
Henry Isaacs 38*   Morrissey & Casey, Wholesale Liquor  
      Comps. of Uncle John. . 45*
P J Dillon     Orange  
  Compliments of...     C.A. Hind & Co.  
L. Gardella & Son       Old Covington Whiskey 132
  Gardson Whiskey 94      
Howard & Costello     Pittsfield  
  Drink H & C     Grunow's Rathskeller  
E. F. Hynes        
  Home of Old Parish     South Boston
  Old Parish Pure Rye     James D. Madden
M. H. McCarthy     Compliments of. . 42*
  Bellwood Rye (mini-mug)        
  Drink Bellwood Rye     Springfield
  Kenoza Club Brand        
  Kenoza Club Whiskey     W. J. Curran & Co.
Robert Shaw       The Tower Club / The Waverly 183
  Bob's Six and Seven     Bernard J. Delaney Co.  
R.A. Splaine&Co.     Stolen from. . . 170*, 172
 . . .Parkwood Club Rye 58*, 63   T Flanaghan Co.  
  Parkwood Club Unmixed. . 147*     Old Bay Path  
  Parkwood Rye Whiskey 147   Gilmore Hotel  
 . . .William Tell Whiskey 180*   The Howard Co.  
        Howard Club Whiskey 96
Holyoke     Jefferson & Deely
J. G. Deardon & Co. Fine Ales       Worthington Whiskey (214) 197*
      Worthington Whiskey (192) 197*
Ipswich Thomas McGrath Family Liquor  
Wm. A. Chaplin Wines & Liquors 38* Phil. Tone & Co
Wm. Mayes Wines & Liquors 117     Enot Club... 63*
        Mountain Elk  
      Toomey & Cody  
        The NY-TOC  
Lawrence     W. M. Young  
Boehm's Cafe        
Home Club Rye        
Holihan Bros.       Drink Golden Crown  
  Banquet Rye 29      
  Old 56        
Hotel Needham     Taunton  
Wessel's Sample Rooms        
    The Reilly Co. 50
Lowell     E.F. Burns & Co.  
Gallagher House, William St.     Cock Robin  
  Ed Gallagher, Prop. 80    
P. Dempsey Co.   Turners Falls  
  ...Patts Malt Whiskey 118 Killea & Welcome  
The Joyce Co. Wines & Liquors     Comps of....  
E. A. McQuade & Co.        
  Pullman Club 153 Webster  
  Pullman Club (var)   Nap Lamothe, High Grade Wines...  
Wm Murphy     M. A. Lilla, Liquors 110
  Compliments of        
The Quincy     Westfield  
  Every Time We Drink     Central Hotel, A. Worthington Prop.  
        Fine Old Dougherty  
M. A. Fenton & Co.   Woburn
  Old Egg Rock Pure Rye     Thos. Moore & Co
  Old Egg Rock Whiskey       Old Banner Whiskey 124*
Griffin & West        
  Manhattan Club     Worcester  
W. H. Hennessey   T J Donaher  
  Comps of. . Egg Rock Light 46   J. J. Donahue & Co.  
  Comps of. . Public Library       10-S Rye 177
  Comps of. . Shoemaker Shop... 41*   Jos. V. Morway
Home Night Olivet Commandery      . . .Foggydew Club Whiskies 116*
T F Landerghan     E. S. Pierce  
  Red Deer Rye Whiskey       Old Reserve  
John L. Quinn & Co.   J. H. Ryan  
  Monogram  Pure Rye Whiskey       Highland Rye Stolen From 94
James H. Sullivan & Co.        
  Old 443 XXX Whiskey 133      
J. A. Coughlan        
  Bonnie Briar Whiskey        
Patrick H. Gillons Co.    
  Golden Cross Whiskey 75*    
Webber & Tobin        
  Come on Boys        
Hotel Nantasket, Souvenir        
M H Rourke Co        
   Cabinet AAA Whiskey        
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