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Albany New York City
Barnett & Donohue     Acker Merrall & Conit  
  Bar-Don Rye 29     Blue Grass, Private Stock, Key..  
Columbia Distilling Co. Jos Agress Wines & Liquors  
  Columbia Rye 56* Alonzo Balch  
  Drink Columbia Rye   Old Rip Van Winkle  
  Drink Beaver Rye     Albion, Cox & Co.  
  Dongan Club       Comps of the Season  
W.F. Drislane Co.   J & L Alterman  
  Old Private Stock 139     White House Whiskey  
Neuser & Co. 186*   Joseph Beck Co.  
New Scotland Ave. Liquor... 125     Beckmore  
      Cahnmann & Co.  
        Chester Whiskey  
Winchell & Davis Importing Co.     Catton Bell & Co.
  Albany Club Rye 24     Monogram Whiskey 114*
  Albany Club Whiskey 24 Bert K. Bloch  
  Albany Club Whiskey       The Blockdale Penna Rye 178
  OCB Whiskey 127     Lincoln Club Whiskey 110
    Burger & Blau  
Auburn       Old Glen Whiskey 133
Anderson Bros.     Calvert-Maryland Distilling Co. Inc  
Auburn Liquor Co.       Calvert 43
  .... (var) 177   Marvin Cassell, Wines & Liquors  
        Eye Opener 72
Batavia     Eye Opener (var)
F. H. Priester 150*     (var - no rim)  
      J. C. Childs & Co.  
Have a Smile...        
Brocton       Monte Cristo Whiskey 42
The Naboth Vineyards       Storm King Whiskey  
  Naboth... 124 Cook & Bernheimer
        Fine Whiskies  
Brooklyn     ... (var)  
Kuku & Wagner   Comps. of Uncle John. . 45*
  Union Leader Whiskey 188     Mount Vernon Pure Rye 123
J. Leffler, 214 Court St.       Old Valley Whiskey (three men) 142*
  Golden Age Whiskey 84     ..  (var)  
Pichel & Drubit     ... (var)  
        ... (var)  
  ... (var) 186     Old Valley Whiskey (var)  
M. Salzman Co. 163   The Crossed Keys  
M. Salzman Co. (red base)       Meet Me At... R-U-Happy?
  Eye Opener 72   Crown Distillery (also San Francisco)
  Eye Opener (var)     W.A. Lacey Sour Mash 102*
  Night Cap 125 Delafield Co.
  Purity Above All 163     Red Star Whiskey 64
Schneider Bros.     Eastern Distillery  
Stann's L:iquor House     Nonpareil Rye Whiskey 126
  Ask for our...     E. Eising & Co.  
        Heart of Maryland  
Buffalo     Stag Whiskey 171
Aug. Baetzhold's Sons   Elias  & Clyne
  Dr Capias Herb Bitters       .... [high ball]  
  ... [var]     Elias & Samuels  
  Deer Run 53*     Lancer Club Rye 103*
  Pure Deer Run 153   Empire Distillery
Black Rock Importing Co.       Empire Rye 63*
  Drink Black Rock... 61   Empire Rye [gold] 63*
E. N. Cook Co. Dist.   Old Empire. . 128*
  Cook's Whiskey 52 Federal Distilling Co.  
  Golden Grain bourbon 84   Double Eagle Whiskey  
Dabb Bros. 51*   Federal Pure Rye  
Erie Distilling Co.   Uri Felshin, Liquors  
  Erie Club Pure Rye 70     Drink Heart 62
  Erie Club Whiskey 64*   E. Fischl & Co.
  ... [var]        
  Lafayette Special       Sunny Valley Whiskey 172*
  ... (baby glass)     Fischer & Lange, Staten Island  
Excelsior Distributing Co.     Max Fleischmann Co.
  Daddy's Choice 55     Magnolia 61*
Gargloff & Hartinger   Freeman's Wines & Liquors 78
  Hawthorne Club Whiskey 83* Garson Kamen Co.  
Globe Liquor Co.     SWC Maryland Rye  
  Globe Private XXXX Stock   Louis M. Goldberg 84
Hagen & Travers   Hartman & Goldsmith Co.
        The 400 Rye  
  Way Brook Pure Rye       Old Celebrated The 400 Rye..
      Adolph Grunbaum  
        Yankee Best Whiskey  
      Ed Hirschhorn  
        Auto Rye  
A. Hertzog & Son 93 Jackson's 3 rd Ave  
Hill Distilling Co.   Peach Cordial 100
  Hill's Club     Wishniak 100
S. Jacobson   Kahn Bros.
  Buffalo Star Whiskey 38   Kahn's Fine Whiskies 95*, 102
Old Volunteer Distilling & Supply Co.       Monogram  
  Old Volunteer     Social Club 169
Pan-American Expos. 1901 14*     Old Cabinet 102
  ... (highball)     I. Kind  
Pan-Am Expos. . . When You Drink 146*   Oriole Cabinet Whiskey 145
Peoples Liquor Co.   Henry Kroger Co.  
  People's Club Whiskey 147*     Old Monopole Rye 139
T Regan & Co.     Arthur Levy's Sons  
  Depew Club       Alsons Club  
Rothschild Bros   Lipke & Petroquin
  No. 6 121*     Spring Arbor & Smooth Edge 169*
  Ten Years Old No. 6     Max Luria
  ... [var]        
  Unrivalled No. 6       Red Fox Rye 154*
  XXXX Monogram 198     .. var  
Ernst Schneider     Lawrence Meyers Co
  Our Club Whiskey 145   Imperial Cabinet 90*
Wm. Schumann     Metropolitan Dist. Co.  
  Gennessee Club 81   Fit For a King Old Hickory  
        ... [var]  
  Judges Seal       With Good Cheer  
Chas. Seitz & Son Co. The Milton Whiskey Co.  
  Kentucky Tea 99*   Milton Whiskey 181
Superior Supply Co.   Neighborhood Store 124
  O.F.C.  Bourbon 128 A Neurad & Co.  
Weber & Ailinger     White Rock Whiskey  
  Amity Club 15*   The Owl Drug Co. 180*
      Adolph Prince  
East Hampton     Drink Seminole Club  
East Hampton Hotel. . 60*   H. Salt Co.
        The Best of All. . .HS Whiskey 176*
Elmira     L. Samuels & Co.  
Eastern Consolidating Dist.  Co.     Seminole Distillery Co.
  Bestonearth 32     Seminole Club 163*
J. J. O'Connor     M Siegelman Co  
  Walton Whiskey 191   Adopted Trade Mark  
  Walton Rye Whiskey   A. Simon Wines & Liquors 168
      I. Solomon Co.  
Fishkill Landing       Gold Bond Fine Old...  
Max Glick     Sonn Bros. Co.
        Buckingham Rye  
Flushing       Buckingham Pure Rye 30*
Anthony Fisher     Old Cabinet Pure Rye 130
  Pride of Queens       Old Cabinet (var)
      Standard Wine & Liquor Co  
      Steinhardt Bros
Glens Falls       Old Methusalem Whiskey 136*
M. Dolan Jr.   Stone Valley Distilling Co.  
  Old Deacon...       Kentucky's Best Stone Valley... 104
    Wm. Vogel & Co
Hammondsport     Broadway Club Whiskey 29*
        Glen Cove  
Vine City Wine Cellars       Kingsboro Old Rye  
    H Webster & Co.  
Jamestown     Kentucky Favorite  
August Peterson West Shore Hotel  
  . . .Silver Seal Whiskey 22*   I Willig Wine & Liquor  
      I. Wile & Co.  
Middletown     Old Middlebrook Rye 138
Barrett Bros 20*   E. Zimmerman & Co.  
        Courier Whiskey  
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