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Niagara Falls     Salamanca
  Don't Drown the Hog     The Chas. R. Gibson Co.  
  Eye Opener       Cook's Rye
  From Niagara Falls       Cook's Rye (var)  
  From Niagara Falls (shamrock) 79     Cook's Rye Whiskey 47*
  Have a Smile.... Niagara Falls      
  Night Cap      
  Shriner     Cook's Whiskey 52
  Osiris, Wheeling WV   James W Mulcay 52
Milton S Lowenthal      
  Trigg Pure Rye      
    City Club Whiskey
T. Glynn & Co.   Schenectady
  Richmore Whiskey 156*   Hil's Cafe, 799 Albany 94
Higgins XXXX Monongahela 94      
Thomas E. O'Keefe     Southampton
  Beaver Run     John F. Cavanaugh, Hampton Inn 26
  Beaver Run Whiskey        
  Chippewa Whiskey        
  Monteagle Pure Rye 120   Troy
  Oak Valley     Herman Carl & Son, Wines... 40
  Ontario     James J Duffy & Co.  
  Pure Fire....      Troy Club House  
      Chas. S. Ehrlich  
         Compliments of...  
  Woodcock Hand Made Sour Mash     F M Sheenan  
  Woodcock Whiskey       Fit for a Queen  
      N W Toole  
      Ilium Pure Rye  
Isaac Merkel & Son     Utica
  Bachelor Rye 28   J. C. Buckley  
  .. & Sons, Bachelor Rye       Gold Medal Whiskey 37
      Jacob Elias 69
Port Richmond     Fred J. Harding 71
The California Wine House     James I. Healey  
  Compliments of...       Helaey's Special 92
      Daniel Quinn Co.  
        Casey's Whiskey  
Richmond Hill       Casey's Whiskey Quinn 41
F. Fischl & Co.     P. J. Robischon 159
  Sunny Valley Whiskey       Four Point Special Reserve 77
      Fred S. Scherer  
Rochester     Tom Kellar Old Rye 103
Bay View Wine Co.       XXXX T. K. Old Rye 198
  Cornflower     Philip Simons. . .Wines & Liquors
Fee Bros       Compliments of. . 43*
  XXXX Maryland Rye        
  XXXX Maryland Rye     Watkins  
  XXXX Monogram 198   Millen's Grape Juice  
Wm Kirchgessner        
  Compliments of...     Westfield  
McGreal Bros Co. Distr.     Fenner's Grape Juice  
  Gibsons Whiskey        
  Major Burke Your Friend 107*   Yonkers  
      U W Berger  
        Sunny Mountain  
  ... (barrel)     E. Zimmerman & Co.  
Maplewood Distilling Co.       Courier Whiskey 52
  Silk Rye 167      
O'Dea Home Supply Co.   Youngsville  
  Bendigo Club 24*   Maple Grove Hotel  
Saml B Palmer        
John Riesedel Restaurant        
Rochester Distilling Co. 159      
  Genesee Whiskey        
  Seneca Chief Whiskey        
  Southern Glow Whiskey 169      
  Tromley Rye        
G. R. Ryan Mfg. Co. Inc.        
  XXX Vanilla Flavoring        
Ryan & Sours        
Wolcott Co.      
  1827 Blended        
  Candlelight Rye        
  Cornhill Rye 47*      
  Cornhill Rye (var)        
  Cornhill Rye(var)        
  Cornhill Rye (var)        
  The Wolcott Co. Cornhill        

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