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Capital Distributing Co.        
  Compliments of ...        
People's Bottling Co.
  Valley of Roses
Kimball House
Thos. Lamb        
  Compliments of. . 42*  
Rochester Bottling Co  
 Compliments of.... 43*  
Ladd & Place
  Cloverdale Rye 102*  
J.W. Locke, Ales, Wines & Liquors 112    
Franklin Falls  
C. H. Bean Liquor Dealer  
  Compliments of. . . 40*  
Beauchemin & Zing, Ales, Wines  
  The Elm Tap...  
Alex. Ferson  
  Send Your Order To. . 163*
P. Harrington Sons
  Benedict Old Maryland 31
  ... (rim var)        
  Benedict Rye        
P. Kearns, Agent
  Red Fox Whiskey 58*, 64
Knapps' Thirst Quenching Emporium
N. J. Pichette, Liquor Dealer 150
J G Plante & Co.        
  Stolen from the Red Cloud        
Joseph Quirin
  Old Home Week
D. A. Shanahan
  Gibson and Other Whiskeys. . 164*
  Old Homestead        
D. R. Teehan, Wines & Liquors 50
Wm. White
  Drink White's Pure Rye 58*
M. H. O'Grady
  Indian Head Pure Rye 62
  ... (tonic glass)        
New Market
Mathes & Co.
  Drink Nebro Rye 63
Portsmouth Wine Co.
  Merry Widow Whiskey 57*, 62
Torrey, Langland's & Jacques
  Try Mattie's Best Whiskey 187
True W. Priest Wine & Liquors 150*
S.T. Young
  XXXX Rockingham County
Salmon Falls        
Fred Caron        
  Caron's XXXX Strafford        
Cocheco Bottling Co.
  Old Cocheco Whiskey 194
Gilbert & St. Hilaire. . 73*
A J Landry        
  Stolen from The Baby...        
N Walpole
D W Riley & Co.  
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