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Philadelphia Pittsburgh
Hermann Loge, No. 125, 1900 (gold)     Cuba Old Reliable 1900  
 ...(silver)     Abrams & Browarsky
Abraham A. Ballenberg & Co.       A&B Special XXXX 14*
  Bally Pure Rye 28   Louis Adler
Samuel Axelrod       Relda 157
  Tolstoy Vodka       Relda,  L Adler  
R. W. Baushliker     ... (var)  
Adolph Berkovitz       Relda Pure Rye 155*
  Drink Parkside Club Rye     Baugh Bros.
Boyle & McGlinn       Stoneheart Distillery 20*
  Clover Club       (flared)  
Brunhild, Simon & Co. The Benedict & Eberle Co.  
  Fine Whiskies   Blosburg Club
California Wine & Brandy Co.   ... (var)  
  Compliments of...   Sam Henderson Whiskey 93
Caloris Manufacturing Co.   Pittsburgh Press Club 151
Carstairs, McCall & Co. Philip Braun  
  American Club       Have a Little Tee  
      S. Cabalik  
        Pirate Club and Special  
  Invincible Rye 90*   T. D. Casey & Co.  
  Invincible Rye (var)   Log Cabin, Excelsior...  
Cleary's   John Crnkovik  
  My Regards   Geo. Englert Co.
Henry M. Daly   Boys Let's Have...  
  Daly Rye (?) 55   Englert's +84+ 63*
F. P. Dilley   Englerts Special 29*
  Dilley's No. 5 Pure Rye       It Came From.....  
  Dilley's No. 5 54* F. & A.M.  
  Dilley's No. 5 59 C.M. Finch  
        Finch's Rye  
  Dilley's No. 5 (var)   Finch's Pure Rye  
  Silver Brook Whiskey Jos. S. Finch Co.
Bernard Fischer   Golden Wedding 85
        ... [yellow label]  
  Bellmore Rye 75   Golden Wedding Pure Rye 76*
  Bellmore Whiskey Jos. Fleming & Son Co.  
  Bellmore Old Rye Whiskey   Old Export Rye  
Jos. G. Boyd       Old Export Whiskey  
  Washington     Joseph J Freeauf  
  Washington, Market St   Morris Forst Co.  
John Fanning       Tom Potter  
  The Old Rubber Boot     Otto Frey Co.
Frohsin   Frey's No. 5 79
  Tower Whiskey 186   Frey's No. 5 (var)  
Garrett & Maxwell       Frey's Fort Pitt Whiskey 71*
  Antique Pure rye     Jos. Fuhrer & Sons
A C Gibson Co,       XXX Cabinet Pure Rye 198*
      Funaro & Pellegrini  
        Compliments of...  
      Myer B Gallinger  
        Premium Rye  
  Manhattan Club     Asher Guckenheimer & Bros.
Gill's     Good Old Guckenheimer 77*, 85
  Victor Whiskey     Good Old Guckenheimer (var)  
G. B. Greenwald & Co. Gundelfinger  
  Drink Greenwald's     Chieftain Rye 42
Morris I. Harvey       Chieftain Rye (panel var)  
  Use Frankfort Club Pure Rye       XLNT at ....  
Heidelberger & Co. Jno.K.Hack & Co.
  Fine Whiskies 92   Delaware Finest 56
        Elk Whiskey 62*
  Fine Whiskies, 33 N 9th    ... [var]  
  Regal Whiskey 157 Sam'l P. Haller  
Humphrey & Martin   Gold Nugget 76*
  Bouquet Rye   Haller's Straight Rye  
  ... (var)       Trotter Whiskey 187
  Bouquet Whiskey H. W. Hespenheide & Son 85*
  Bouquet Whiskey (var) H. W. Hespenheide & Son 86*
  Bouquet Whiskey (panels)     Pure Rye  
  Pure Bouquet   The W.. H. Holmes Co.  
Ernest Jambor   Black & Tan 33
  Nonpareil Rye Whiskey 126     Conestoga  
David Kohn Wm. H. Jacob
  Arion Rye   27th Triennial Conclave 90*, 187
  Arion Rye Bottled by..     The Johnston-Carmichael Co.
I. L. Lipschutz   Old John Henry 131*
        .... (var)  
  American Navy 15* Fred Kalina
  No. 9   Devil Bitters 58
C. A. Lunnemann   Devil Cert 20*, 100*
  ...Old Jupiter Rye 85   Devil Stomach Bitters 58
James Maguire     High Grade Cordials  
  Montezuma  Rye       ... Imported Hungarian Wines 102
Isaac Mansbach     Pure Rye Whiskey Blend 154
   Millionaire's Club Max Klein & Sons  
   ... (stencil)   Rockport Rye 159
   ... (reverse etched)       Silver Age Rye 168
   ye Philadelphia Club   Max Klein Distillery 168
   XXXX Very Old   Bear Creek Rye 100*, 100
Meyer Margulis     Max Klein 100*
  M Margulis 736 So 3 rd     Klein's Silver Rye 101*
  Try Margulis's Wishniak...       Our Speciality...  
Thomas Martindale & Co. S.S. Klinordlinger  
  Drigo Rye 44   Pirate Club/Special Reserve 151
  Dirigo Rye Klinordlinger & Wallace
  Dirigo Rye (var)       Pirate Club 149*
A Miller Wholesale Liquors       Toll Gate Rye 185
John McGlinn Co. Knight's Templar 1898  
  Clover Club 43 Chas. Kozell  
Mott's Special Henry Large, Jr
Monongahela Dist. Co.   Pure Monongahela Rye 151*
Jas. E. Moroney   Robert J. Lewin & Co.  
  Whiskey Whiskey     Antler Club  
Angelo Myers Co.   Our Keystone Pride 145
  W.W.W. Rye 198* Chas. McKeown  
  W.W.W. Rye (rocks) 197     Diamond Club 125
Nathans Bros Chas. A. Morgan Whol. Liquor 115*
  R. Own Straight Whiskey 159* O'Doherty & Co. Wholesale Liquors  
David Netter & Co. Thos O'Donnell Wholesale Liquor  
  Telegram Rye 175* H Obernauer & Co.  
  The Telegram Rye     Henry Oermann Wholesale Liquor  
  The Telegram Rye Gold Medal 183 A. Overholt Distillery
  Telegram Whisky 176     Old Farm (aluminum)  
Seligmann Netter   Old Overholt 137*
  The Ryvalley Whiskey 180* Thos. E. Pollard  
        Pollard Pure Rye
  Drink  Ryvalley Whiskey   Pollard Pure Rye (var) 151
Netter Bros Raphael-Adolph Co.
  Drink Golden Gate Rye 61   Sam Henderson Pure Rye  
Wm. Oberdalhoff 48   Reynold's Private Stock 158
Patterson-Coane Co. Raphael, Benedict & Co
  Ten Years Old No. 6 177   Blosburg Club 26*
Otto Reining   Raphael, Zeugschmidt Dist.
  The Old Ale Vaults       Here's to You Tioga  
Frank E. Roche       Tioga Rye 85*
Rosskam, Gerstley & Co.   Tioga Rye  
  Fine Old Whiskey       Something Doin' Tioga Rye  
  Keystone Monogram (barrel) 99* E.J.Riffle Co.  
  Keystone Monogram     Choice Whiskies... 156*
  Metropolitan Whiskey       Penn Rye...  
  ... [var]     S. G. Rovnianek 159*
        ... [rim var]  
  Monogram Rye 156*, 177* G. W. Schmidt Co.  
  Monogram Whiskey 120    
  ... (var) 161   Schuetz-Renziehausen & Co. 162*
  Old Keystone 137   Diamond Monogram 58
  Old Keystone       Diamond Monogram  
  Old Keystone     J. H. Seiferth  
  Old Saratoga 139*,   Drink Seiferth's Whiskey 64
  Old Saratoga 161   Seiferth's Old Carnation  
  Old Saratoga (var)       ... (var)  
  Old Saratoga (var)   K. Strawinskas Wholesale Liq. 172
  Quaker City Monogram     J. E. Sykes
Rothschild Bros.   Sam Riffle Penna Rye 156*
   AAAA Syria Temple 1893 72*
   Ten Years Old No 6     Syria Temple 1894 175
Royal Manufacturing Co.   Syria Temple 1895  
Wm Rummel     Syria Temple 1897  
  Its Pure Rummel's     Syria Temple 1901  
Louis J. Schmidheiser Syria Temple 1903 175
H. Schoenthal Syria Temple 1904 175
  ...Barney's Pure Malt Whiskey  Syria Temple 1907 37, 175
Peter J. Serwazi   Sam Thompson Distillery
  Serwazi's Cabinet Rye 166   Sam Thompson Special 183*
  Serwazi's Old Private Stock     Sam Thompson Special (in base)  
L. Strouse & Co.   United States Glass Co.  
  Fine Whiskies       Take a Glass  
  Fine Whiskies   Leigh W. Walker Co.  
Caspar Vetter   Drink Walker's Club  
  Fine Old Whiskies Wm. A. Walker Distiller
J. A. Winterholer   Bride of York 58*
  Drink Wonmore Whisky 65 Weiler Bros.  
  Very Fine Wonmore     Milltown Rye  
Martin L Wolf     A.A.Wolf & Co.
  Old Rosemont & ...     Africander 14*
W. J. Wonderheide Wolf, Siesel & Co.
  Bob White 27*, 34   Wolf's XXXX 196*
Alex Young Co. Ltd. Paul Wuesthoff Co.  
  Y.P.M. Whiskey 200 I. Zeieznjak 150*
John H. Young   Wm. F. Zoeller  
  Old Y.P.M.       O.B.C. Pure Rye  
      Zinkhan & Co.  
      Zinkhan's High Eagle  
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