Vol. I, No. 4, Tuesday October 5, 2004

by dick bales
Somebody once wrote that "Knowledge is Power." That is certainly true with collecting pre-pro shot glasses. Luckily, we have all the knowledge we need literally right at our fingertips--the pre-pro database. The database is especially useful for shot collectors on a limited budget, as it allows the collector to ferret out information that might make that "sleeper" glass on eBay an attractive purchase.

For example, eBay recently had a glass that had this inscription: Tom Taylor/Straight Bourbon/Whiskey/The Hamberger Co.: 

Now, I collect primarily Chicago, with a secondary interest in the rest of Illinois. So I make it a habit to check the data base for information on all shots with no city of origin, in the possibility that the shot may fall in my collecting area of interest.

I went to the database and entered the word "Hamberger." Surprisingly, there were no entries. Puzzled, I then entered the words "Tom Taylor." This revealed numerous entries. I clicked on "Highest Award" and suddenly everything fell into place! The glass contained a spelling error! The company was actually the Chicago-based Hamburger Company. How do I know this with certainty? Because of the comprehensive notes that accompanied the picture of the glass. One note indicated that one of the Hamburger Company’s brands included--Tom Taylor!

I remembered that the pre-pro web site included a section on "shot glass gaffes"--typographical errors on shot glasses. I quickly went to the site and looked over the examples. This glass was not on the list. I bid on the glass and won it for a surprisingly modest sum of money. I now am the proud owner of an "unlisted" shot glass gaffe, and I owe it all to the pre-pro database! Furthermore, when I show off this glass, I can explain why I know that that the glass contains a typographical error. You know, knowledge truly is power.


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