A collection of articles about the pioneers of the whiskey industry, first published in Bottles and Extras, Ohio Swirl, Potomac Pontil, and other hobbyist magazines and newsletters.

Jack uniquely blends his passion for jugs and other whiskey collectibles with information gleaned from the internet and other sources to recreate events relating to the pre-Prohibition liquor industry and to give human faces to its principal players. 

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*Bottling Wisdom: The Motto Jug
*Edson Bradley: Washington’s Whiskey Millionaire
*Charles Clarke and "Secrets" of the Whiskey Trust
*Evolution of a Ceramic Jug
*Farmer Distillers of Maryland
*Fulper’s of Flemington
*Ulysses S. Grant. His Whiskey History
*The Hillbilly and the Jug
*Ben Holladay: The Man and His Whiskey
*Hounded by Prohibition: H. Clarke & Sons
*How Mr. Duffy Outwitted Uncle Sam - and Got Rich
*Phil. G Kelly: Value in the Name
*Milton Kronheim - From Teenage Hustler to Presidential Crony
*The Life and Loves of S.T. Suit: A Jug-Filler’s Story
*Melky Miller: Distiller of Accident
*"Nasty Words" and Nifty Whiskeys
*North and South: Tales of Two Whiskey Men
*The Peruna Story: Strumming That Old Catarrh
*Picturing those pre-Pro Whiskey Men
*Piso’s Trio: One Step Ahead of the Law
*Shots Through Virginia
*Sir Henry & Doulton: Ceramic Royalty of England
*The Story of KT&T China Whiskeys
*The Supremes and Whiskey by Mail: Then and Now
*Tally Ho, The Whiskey!
*The Rogue and Roxbury Rye
*Hugo Thuemler: "Hausmaler" to America
*Top Ten Baltimore Shot Glasses
*Mark Twain: "Patron Saint" of American Whiskiana
*Uncovering George Washington’s "Secrets"
*Who the Heck was Irvin S. Cobb?
Jack Sullivan has written more than 200 articles in the past 18 years on whiskey-related subjects with emphasis on ceramic jugs and bottles. These articles have appeared in bottle magazines and newsletters in the United States, Canada, Australia and England. In addition he has self-published two books on these subjects: "The American Whiskey Jug" (2002) and "The Whiskey Ceramics of Scotland, Ireland and England." (2002).   His new book, "Mostly Whiskey: Bottles, Jugs and Whathaveyou," is set for publication in March 2008.

Dr. Sullivan also is a volunteer curator of pharmaceutical items for the Stabler-Leadbeater Pharmaceutical Museum in Alexandria, Virginia, where he resides. His collection of hillbilly souvenir ceramics currently resides with the Appalachian Life Museum in Boone, North Carolina. He holds a PhD in political science from the American University and is an international development specialist by profession. He currently concentrates his collecting on whiskey advertising paperweights.

Jack can be contacted at:

    4300 Ivanhoe Place
    Alexandria, VA 22304-1512

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