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      Glass Inscription    State
      Great Eastern Whiskey Chas A Groves Sons     PA
      Great Schiller Whiskey     CA
      Green Bell Whiskey Reinhold Kroll     WI
      Green Bell Whiskey Reinhold Kroll [caps]     WI
      Harry Green Wholesale     PA
      Green Lawn Rye Whiskey     OH
      Green Leaf Pure Whiskey     MN
      Green Mill Whiskey Denison     OH
      Green Mountain Distillery Reg US Distillery No9     MO
      Green Mountain Distillery [blue label; no city]     MO
      Green Mountain Distillery Kansas City [blue label]     MO
      Green Mountain Distillery Kansas City [blue label, plain rim]     MO
      Green Mountain Distillery [white label]     MO
      Green River M Wollstein Distributor     MO
      Green Stripe Whiskey     UK
      Green Valley1865 Rye     MA
      Green Valley1865 Rye [dots]     MA
      Green Valley Scranton PA     PA
      Greenbrier Sour Mash     KY
      Green Brier Tennessee Whiskey     TN
      Greenbrier Sour Mash     KY
      Greenbrier Sour Mash [caps]     KY
      Green Brier Tennessee Whiskey [gold rim]     TN
      Green Brier Tennessee Whiskey Nelson     TN
      Green Brier Tennessee Whiskey Nelson [var]     TN
      Green Ribbon SL     CO
      Griesels Select Stock Whiskey     MN
      William H Grimes Co Sole Agents     RI
      Grimms Fayette     
      Grossmans Bottled in Bond     
      J Grossmans Sons Oldest Whiskey House     LA
      J Grossmans Sons Wholesale Liquor     LA
      Chas A Groves Sons Lancaster     PA
      Charles A Groves Sons     PA
      Grube Distillery Huntington     PA
      Gruenbauers Family Mail     MI
      Grumbach Wine Co     CA
      Grumbach Wine Co [text var]     CA
      Grunows Rathskeller     MA
      Guernsey & Murray     MO
      Guggenheimer Rye     OH
      Guggenheimer Whiskey     OH
      Guggenheimers Double Copper [1]     OH
      Guggenheimers Double Copper [2]     OH
      Gunters IXL Whiskey     TN
      Gunters IXL No 7     TN
      Gunters Landing Whiskey     TN
      Gunters Landing Whiskey [type var]     TN
      Gunters Landing Whiskey [beaded]     TN
      Fred Gunther Co West Point     CA
      Gwynnbrook Rye Distillers Distributing     MD
      Gwynnbrook Rye Distillers Distibuting [caps]     MD
      H B Bourbon     IL
      H B Thats Whiskey     CA
      H Hackfeld and Company Limited Honolulu     HI
      Theo J Hake Co     OH
      Hall & Walls     CA
      Hallers Straight Rye Blend Saml P Haller     PA
      Hal-Win Distilling Co.     LA
      Hamburgers Kentucky Smile     IL
      Hammels Maryland Rye     IN
      Hampden Tap Choice Wines     MA
      John Hancock [monogram]     MI
      John Hancock [beaded]     MI
      John Hancock [signature]     MI
      John Hancock Rye     MI
      John Hancock [label-under-glass]     MI
      Hand Made Fields Champion Whiskey     KY
      Hand Made Kentucky Prince     MO
      Hand Made Sour Mash Freiler     IL
      Hand Made Sour Mash Zebra Whiskey     KY
      Hand Made Spring Hill Rye [GT]     MO
      Handmesom Bourbon     IL
      Hanlen's Winner Reading     PA
      Hanley Whiskey Hanley Mercantile     CA
      Hannah & Hogg Fine Whiskies [1]     IL
      Hannah & Hogg Fine Whiskies [2]     IL
      Hanover Rye The Standard Distilling Co     OH
      Hanover Rye Standard Distilling Co Prop     OH
      Hanover [shot]     OH
      Hanover [flared]     OH
      Hanover [tumbler]     OH
      Hanover Whiskey The Standard Distilling Co     OH
      Happy Billy Stein Brook Importing Co     MO
      Happy Weve Been Athegither Burns     UK
      Happy Days Quencher     MA
      Happy Weve Been Athegither     UK
      Tom Hardy     KY
      Harmony Club Whiskey J Grossman     LA
      Harper Highball     KY
      Harper The Ideal Whiskey     KY
      I W Harper Whiskey     KY
      Harper Whiskey     KY
      Adolph Harris & Co     CA
      Harris Distilling Co [thimble]     TX
      Harrison Club Whiskey     OH
      Harris Wine Co     CA
      Hartinger's Sun Ray Club     NY
      J M Hartley Wrap Opening     
      Julius Hartman Liquor Dealer     MI

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