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      Glass Inscription    State
      M. Weiner & Co. Wholesale Merchants     WI
      Weis Bros Co Fine Whiskies Milwaukee     WI
      Weis Bros Co Fine Whiskies Milwaukee [old English]     WI
      Weis Bros Co Fine Whiskies Milwaukee [baby shot]     WI
      E J Weiss & Co.     MO
      RsdCo J T Welch Whiskey     KY
      Welchs Grape Juice     NJ
      Welchs Grape Juice 1904     NJ
      Welchs Grape Juice 1905 Lewis and Clark     NJ
      Welchs Grape Juice Straight     NJ
      Welchs Straight [waisted]     NJ
      John C Weller Co Incorporated     KY
      WL Weller Sons Creedmore Whiskey     KY
      WL Weller Sons Distillers LaRues Malt Whiskey     KY
      W L Weller & Sons Distillers Royal     KY
      Weller & Sons Rosewood     KY
      W L Weller & Sons Royal Whiskey     KY
      Wells & Colburn Wholesale     IL
      Wellworth Club Austin Family     RI
      Wellworth Club Whiskey Austin Family     RI
      Welz Mangler Co Fine Whiskies     MN
      Welz Mangler Co     MN
      We Serve the People Greiners     NY
      Daly West     IN
      West Shore Hotel     NY
      West Side Club Whiskey     RI
      West Side Club Whiskey [rim var]     RI
      Western Consolidated Dist Co     MN
      Western Springs Dist Co     IL
      Westminster Pure Rye     MI
      Westminster Pure Rye Ritter Co     MI
      Wetherhold Fine Whiskeys     PA
      What Cheer Kiley     RI
      Whats it Goldmans Pure Rye     
      What We Have We ll Hold E T Sandell     Canada
      Wheeling 28 BPOE     WV
      When in Doubt Old Cold Spring     KY
      When in Doubt [dots] Old Cold Spring     KY
      When In Need Buy of Us     RI
      When You Drink Do of Me Think     
      Whiskey Whiskey     PA
      Whispering Brook Whiskey     OH
      White House Whiskey Alterman Wine & Liquor     NY
      White Mills     KY
      Ned White Whiskey Pohlman & Co     IN
      White Oak Distillery Sour Mash Whiskey     TN
      White Oak Tennessee Whiskey Cincinnati Tennessee     OH, TN
      White Oak Tennessee Whiskey Betterton     TN
      White Oak Whiskey White Oak Distillery Co     OH
      White Port Stastny     IL
      White Ribbon One Pure Whiskey M Kahn     KY
      White Rock Whiskey     NY
      White Rock Distillery     MO
      White Spring Whiskey     KY
      White Spring Whiskey [trademark]     KY
      White Swan Distilling Co     IN
      White Top     IL
      Bob White Whiskey     PA
      Whiting Rye Winedale     CA
      Whiting Wholesale Liquor Co Baseball Whiskey     IN
      Who Sells North Shore Rye     MA
      Why Not Drink the Best Old Cocheco     NH
      Wicker Club Whiskey     OH
      Wicomico Club Maryland Rye Whiskey     MD
      Wild Cherry Bracer Great Appetizer     OH
      Wild Cherry Bracer     OH
      Wild & Koch Co Milwaukee     WI
      Wildwood     CA
      Wilkinsburg Pa K.1898.T     PA
      Willcox [enamel]     
      Roger Williams Bottling Co     RI
      I Willig The Greater NY Wine & Liquor Co     NY
      Willow Creek Whiskey Germain     CA
      Willow River     
      Willow Springs     NE
      Wills Brook Maryland Pure Rye     MD
      Wilmes Pure Rye     MI
      Winchester Club Whiskey     MO
      Winchester Club It Hits the Spot     MO
      Wine of PO-MEL-O     
      Winers 157 Pure Straight Whiskey     MA
      Wines & Liquors HPB     PA
      Wines & Liquors HPB [highball]     PA
      Wines & Liquors Distillers Distributing Co     MD
      Wines and Liquors of Quality Cambria Liquor Co     PA
      Wine Theobald & Son     OH
      Winfield Whiskey Good Enough     
      Winner Rye Magullion     MA
      Winner Rye Magullion [green label]     MA
      A S Winstead Distiller     KY
      E W Winstead Distiller     KY
      Winter Banquet NE Mfg Jewelers & Silversmiths     RI
      Winter Good Luck Bourbon     IL
      With Best Wishes A Leverone     CT
      Warren F Witherell Co.     MA
      Wolfden Pure Rye Whiskey     CT
      Wolffs A Wolff Fruitvale Cal     CA
      Wolffs Special Reserve 536-538 Sansome     CA
      Wolffs Special Reserve Wolff     WA
      Wolfs Famous Distilling Co     MO

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