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      Glass Inscription    State
      Burks Spring Bottled by the Distillers TL Smith MA     MA
      Burlingame Whiskey Bertin & Lepori     CA
      Rabbie Burns     UK
      Bursch Bros We Deliver     MN
      D Busse & Son Wholesale     IL
      D Busse & Son Bluff City Club     IL
      C C Butler Co     FL
      Buy Your Liquor of Cohn Bros     OH
      Buy Your Wines     NH
      Buy Your Wines and Liquors From Jos F Kelly     MD
      C&K Bourbon     CA
      C&K Bourbon [var]     CA
      C&K Whiskey     CA
      Cabinet AAA Whiskey M H Rourke & Co.     MA
      Sycamore Sour Mash Straus Bros Co     IL
      Cabinet Whiskey     
      Cackley Bros Whiskey Merchants     NE
      Cackley Bros Jackdaw Whiskey     NE
      Cadillac Rye Marymont Co     OH
      Wm Cahill & Co N E Agents     MA
      Calif Favorite A     CA
      Calif Favorite AA     CA
      Calif Favorite AAA     CA
      Calif Favorite C     CA
      California Favorite [script]     CA
      Calif Favorite AA [script]     CA
      Calif Favorite AAA [script]     CA
      California A Favorite     CA
      California Club Whiskey Braunschweiger     CA
      California Club Whiskey OVDCo     CA
      California Club Whiskey OVDCo [caps]     CA
      California Liquor Company     CA
      California State Wine Co     CA
      California Wine at Krivohlaveks     NE
      California Wine Co Swope Bros     CA
      California Wine House 1863     MN
      California Wine House     MN
      California Winery Shadow Brook     CA
      Call at Walsh's     RI
      Call Bell 58     PA
      Call for T W Samuels     IN
      Caloris Manufacturing Co Philadelphia     PA
      Calvert The Banner Whiskey     MD
      Calvert The Banner Whiskey [var]     MD
      Campbell Co's Pure Meadow Grange     
      Henry Campe Co Americus Club     CA
      Henry Campe Co Americus Club [label-under-glass]     CA
      Canadian Club Whisky     Canada
      Canandaigua Wine & Liquor Co     NY
      Cane Spring Highball     KY
      Canvas Back Whiskey Westminster Liquor Store     MD
      Capitol Liquor Co 411 N Main     CA
      Capitol Liquor Company Reuben & Lane     CA
      Capitol Liquor Company Wholesale     CA
      Capitol OK Whiskey [bar]     CA
      Capitol OK Whiskey [shot]     CA
      Capitol OK Whiskey [outline, 11 panels]     CA
      Capitol OK Whiskey [outline, 12 panels]     CA
      Capitol OK Whiskey [outline, 14 panels]     CA
      Capitol OK Whiskey [outline, 16 panels]     CA
      Capitol OK Whiskey [outline, 20 panels]     CA
      Capitol OK Whiskey [highball]     CA
      Capitol OK Whiskey Roth     CA
      Capitol Rye     
      Capstan Whiskey     OH
      Cardinal Brand Old Rye Whisky     OH
      C M Carew Titusville     PA
      Carlisle Pure Rye     KY
      Carlisle Rye     KY
      Carlisle Whiskey     KY
      Carlisle Whiskey [lions]     KY
      Carlisle Whiskey [lions, barrel glass]     KY
      Carmen Kentucky Bourbon Mett Kanne     MO
      Caron's XXXX Strafford County     NH
      Carroll County Whiskey     KY
      Carroll Rye     CA
      Carroll Rye Louis Taussig     CA
      Carroll Rye Highball     CA
      Carroll Rye Toasts California     CA
      Carroll Rye Toasts NDGW     CA
      Carroll Rye Toasts NSGW     CA
      Carroll Rye Toasts San Francisco     CA
      Carroll Rye Toasts The Panama Canal     CA
      Carroll Rye Toasts Carroll Rye     CA
      Carroll Rye Toasts to Oakland     CA
      Carroll Rye Toasts Our Friends     CA
      Carroll Rye Toasts California Girl     CA
      Carroll Rye Toasts the Workingman     CA
      Carroll Rye Toasts the Workingman [var]     CA
      Wilkie Carter & Co.     NM
      Cascade Falls Pure Rye Elyria     OH
      James Casey     OH
      Caseys Whiskey DQ     NY
      Caseys Whiskey DQCo     NY
      Caseys Whiskey Daniel Quinn     NY
      Casting Club Rye Whiskey Union Wholesale Liquor     IL
      Castle Brand Pure Whiskies     MA
      Castle Square Rosenzweig     IL
      Castlewood Whiskey Cartan McCarthy     CA

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