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The Worsham Distillery
RD #50, 2 nd District
Henderson County, KY

(Est. 1881)

1881: A news clipping on rootsweb (no longer accessible) suggests that the distillery was built by Elijah W Worsham and Captain J B Johnston under the name of E W Worsham & Co. The distillery was built on a tract of land situated on the L&N railroad between the track and Canoe Creek and it began operations in the winter of 1881.

The plant had a capacity of 20 barrels a day, the whiskey being marketed under the "Peerless" brand.

1887: Worsham assumed sole control and was later joined in running the plant by his two sones Anthony J Worsham and Dewitt C Worsham.

1889: After Elijah Worsham's death, the plant was acquired by Henry Kraver.

1892: Information from insurance underwriter records suggest that the distillery was frame construction with a metal or shingle roof. The property included a single frame warehouse (similar roof construction), 100 ft west of the still. It was being run by the Worsham Dist. Co.

1915: The still was operating under the auspices of the Kentucky Peerless Distilling Co., with Henry Kraver as President and Manager, C M Bullitt, VP, and A E Kraver as Secretary.

1917: The plant was producing 23,200 barrels per annum

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